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ADM Full Form Friends, in this Artical, we’ll look at the full form of ADM. Many officers are created to safeguard the country in order to provide amenities to the people of the country, through which many facilities are supplied to the people of the country, making their work simpler and providing them with many jobs.

The benefits have been received. Similarly, an ADM is an officer that oversees the completion of numerous responsibilities around the country. As a result, the position of Assistant District Magistrate (ADM) was formed to perform and support the district magistrate throughout the day.

Under the rules, the ADM has the same authority as the District Magistrate. Aside from that, the ADM is responsible for law and order, general administration, revenue work, and developmental activities such as the Sub Divisional Magistrate.

ADM Full Form

ADM is a position that is below DM but above SDM. It’s a post between DM and SDM, in other words. Additional District Magistrate is full Form of ADM. In Hindi, ADM stands for Additional District Magistrate.

ADM: Additional District Magistrate

ADM Full Form
ADM Full Form

The District Magistrate supervises the ADM officers. Their job is to help the DM with the tasks of the day. In the absence of DM, the ADM is in charge of their task.

What is the role of an ADM Officer?

The ADM officer, or Assistant District Magistrate or Collector, is the one who is after the DM, or District Magistrate or Collector. In the absence of the District Magistrate, the Additional District Magistrate Officer is in charge of all work. In addition to the DM, the Additional District Magistrate Officer has complete ability to make decisions. In addition, the ADM officer has the responsibility of assisting the District Magistrate in all of his duties.

ADM Officer’s Salary

If you are selected to the position of ADM, you will be wondering what your compensation will be. The monthly income of an Adm might range from 57100 to 2.5 lakh, depending on your state.

The following are the differences between ADM and SDM:

Sdm stands for Sub-divisional magistrate, and Adm stands for Additional District Magistrate.

What is the purpose of ADM?

  • The additional district magistrate’s role entails issuing all forms of certificates, including marriage certificates, domicile certificates, nationality certificates, and other types of certifications.
  • Another unique responsibility of the ADM is to examine cases involving underage labor (wage), take action if proven guilty, and penalize the offender, among other things.
  • The additional district magistrate’s responsibilities include maintaining the state’s legal order and inspecting various district offices, subdivisions, and tehsils.
  • The Additional District Magistrate is also responsible for all land-related tasks, such as the registration of land and property papers.
  • The Additional District Magistrate’s job is to settle any problem that arises as a result of a natural disaster in any location.
  • An ADM officer is also responsible for inspecting and checking all of the district’s police stations and jails.

The ADM recruitment process 

The position of Additional District Collector (ADM) is obtained through promotion from the position of SDO or SDM.

To become a Collector, the state that administers the PCS test passes it and becomes an SDM, who is promoted to ADM or ADC (Additional District Collector) after 8-12 years.

Those IAS who join right after passing the UPSC Civil Services Exam get promoted to ADM or ADC. They are then promoted to a higher position.

Style of work – ADM Full Form

  • ADM’s work encompasses a wide range of topics. In the absence of DM, ADM assumes responsibility for their work.
  • A DM is required in every district; however, if the workload in any area becomes excessive, the government will appoint an ADM.
  • ADM is a subordinate of DM. Some tasks are allocated by DM to ADM, and if DM is not present, ADM assumes all of ADM’s responsibilities.

ADM Promotion 

IAS officers who pass the UPSC exam are assigned to the position of ADM for a period of two to three years. Following that, they are promoted to DM.

Those who pass the PCS or PSC exam are assigned to the positions of ADM or ADC. The ADM officer is then promoted to DM after 8 to 13 years.

Eligibility for a position as an ADM – ADM Full Form

  • Regardless of degree, a minimum of 12+ years of education is required.
  • The minimum age should be 21.
  • Physical fitness is required.
  • Must be capable of leading others.

What is ADM’s remuneration?

When it comes to ADM salaries, the average is 64 thousand dollars or more.

What is ADM’s capability?

  • There is no need to worry about finding a place to stay.
  • There are security forces available.
  • A medical facility is provided.
  • A government vehicle with a driver is provided.
  • There is an ADM Office available.

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