CAG Full Form – What Is CAG, Definition, Meaning, Uses

CAG Full Form – What Is CAG, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. CAG is also an establishment whose name frequently appears in the papers because this CAG is the constitutional body of India. Every person will undoubtedly understand CAG, yet do you have details regarding its complete type?

CAG Full form

CAG’s full form is “Controller as well as Auditor General.” This government official is charged with boosting federal government responsibility by bookkeeping and reporting national government procedures. Furthermore, CAG is considered a government official title in numerous nations, including the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, India, and China.

CAG: Controller as well as Auditor General

CAG Full form
CAG Full form

What is CAG?

CAG is a federal government body developed by Article 148 of the Constitution of India, comprised under the Constitution of India. It audits all the central, State, and federal government accounts. In addition to bookkeeping the reports of national government firms, it audits its audit record. Offers it in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies to ensure that needed activity can be taken.

An overall of 57 thousand workers operates in CAG’s audit and audit division and its headquarters in Delhi. The CAG is an independent audit company in such a way. That is, there is no control of the central federal government over it and similar language. Its chairman is likewise called CAG. The President selects the CAG.

The regard to the CAG is for six years or 65 years, whichever is earlier. The treatment for its elimination coincides based on the Constitution when it comes to a Supreme Court court and after his elimination from the workplace. He is not qualified for any other blog post under the Central Government or State Government. The CAG relevant plan has been made from Articles 148 to 151 of our Constitution, and it is nine in the power structure of the nation, which amounts to a Judge of the Supreme Court. Is.

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Features, Power as well as Powers of the CAG of India

The CAG of India has been encouraged by the Constitution with unique powers and authority to ensure that the establishment’s job is not shed. A few of these features are as adheres to:-.

  • The CAG examined the complete information on public cash expenses by Parliament and State Legislatures. That the relevant details can be made public and make the system much more solid.
  • The CAG’s audit powers have been defined in Articles 148 to 151 of the Constitution.
  • The Government of India passed the Comptroller and Auditor General (Duties, Powers and also Conditions of Service) Act, 1971 in the form of a Bill in the Parliament 1971 for his obligations, powers, and authority.
  • The Union Territories of India and the State, where the Legislative Assembly lies, can observe the expense of its Consolidated Fund.
  • Can additionally examine the cost sustained by the Contingency Fund, Public Account of India, and the State.
  • It can investigate all trading, loss, production, revenue accounts, annual reports, and other extra accounts of any division of the Central and State.
  • Can examine the revenue and expense of all bodies, authorities, federal government businesses, and companies moneyed by the Central Government or the State Government.
  • Can investigate any national government division on the demand of the President or the Governor.
  • The record about the central federal government is put on the table of the Parliament by the CAG in both your homes.
  • The CAG serves as a tax obligation consultant to the general public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.
  • A complex constitutional procedure can be taken to eliminate CAG from the workplace. It resembles the elimination of the Chief Justice.
  • After retired life, the CAG can not take control of any workplace under the State or the Centre.
  • Salary and various other solution problems can not be altered after the CAG visit.
  • Administrative expense by the CAG workplace, in which all pension plans, wages, and allocations are paid from the Consolidated of India and can not be elected in Parliament.

Just How Do CAG Work

The CAG is aided by the Indian Accounts and also Audit Department (IA&AD). Along with this, there are 47000 audit police officers of Group B and Group C, assistant audit policemen, and sustain personnel in this division.

Visit of CAG Full form

The President of India selects the CAG of the nation. The viewpoint of the Prime Minister is required during this visit. At the consultation time, the CAG must take a vow before the President.

The job of CAG Full form

  • The fee of CAG has been established according to the nation’s Constitution.
  • To send the audit record of the accounts of the Center to the President.
  • To send the audit record of the statements of the State to the Governor.
  • To investigate the reports connecting to expenses from the Contingency Fund, the general public Account of India, and each State.
  • To explore the accounts regarding payment from the Consolidated Fund of India, the Consolidated Fund of each State, and Union Territory.
  • Examine the invoices and expenses of Government businesses and various other companies moneyed from the Central or State incomes.
  • To investigate the annual report, revenue, trading, production, loss, or any different account of any division of the Central or State Governments.

CAG income

The income and various other CAG centers are determined in the Parliament of the nation under the 1971 CAG Full form Act. After presuming this fee, the CAG can not be linked with any various other federal government or non-government jobs.


Q1. Who sets CAG compensation?

The Parliament sets the Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s (CAG) pay and other working conditions. His salary is on par with that of an Indian Supreme Court judge.

Q2. What is the CAG’s maximum age?

Age restriction for direct hires age range: 18 to 27. Note: The recruiting authority must announce the critical date for calculating the age restriction.

Q3. What does CAG certification mean?

Candidates must be fluent in the language of the State from which they are applying and hold a relevant Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution or university to apply for CAG Recruitment 2022.

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