CDPO Full Form – What Is CDPO, Definition, Meaning, Uses

CDPO Full Form – What Is CDPO, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. The CDPO officer is the person who is appointed in all states. CDPOs are responsible for enhancing children’s and pregnant mothers’ physical and mental health. Working in this sector allows you to contribute to the betterment of your country. As a result, the government will prosper both internally and externally.

It is a government position whose goal is to develop children under six in India and offer nutritional support to pregnant women. The Child Development Project Officer is known as CDPO Ka Pura Naam. So, if you want to learn everything there is to know about CDPO Ke Karya and how to prepare for it, please let us know.

CDPO Full Form

CDPO’s full form is “Child Development Project Officer.” It is a government position that is an officer’s work in all states to develop children under the age of six and provide amenities to pregnant mothers in India. Let us now discuss it. Additional general information

CDPO: Child Development Project Officer

CDPO Full Form
CDPO Full Form

CDPO officers are appointed in all states. CDPO is a government position that you can apply for after earning a bachelor’s degree. The role of a CDPO officer is to improve the physical and mental health of children under the age of 18 and pregnant mothers across the country.

A CDPO in India works tirelessly to ensure the health of the country’s youngsters. Friends, if you want to work in the country’s interest while also working, CDPO is the most acceptable alternative; this is a profession where you can contribute to the country’s internal and future development.

What is CDPO?

The government holds the position of CDPO. The state government of the country appoints the CDPO officer, which focuses on child development programs in the country’s states, the development of children under the age of six, and the provision of essential facilities and nutritional products to pregnant mothers.

The CDPO officer’s primary responsibility is to look after the health of the country’s young children and pregnant women, ensuring they have access to all essential services and maintain their health. In addition, the CDPO officer is responsible for the nutrition of rural children to prevent ailments such as malnutrition. In India, CDPO officials work to minimize infant mortality and safeguard infants from various diseases.

What are the requirements for CDPO?

  • To apply for CDPO at the district level, you must meet the following requirements:
  • For the position of CDPO, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any field and a graduate degree from a recognized university.
  • The CDPO post has a minimum age requirement of 18 years and a maximum age requirement of 37 years.
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, as well as other reserved castes, would be granted age relaxation.
  • For the CDPO post exam, general category candidates have 6 attempts, OBC candidates have 9, and SC and ST candidates have endless attempts.

What is a CDPO, and how does it work?

  • CDPO focuses on women’s health and child development at the district level, providing them with improved resources. Let’s have a look at their main projects:
  • The CDPO’s primary responsibility is to gather at the district level the health records of children from birth to age six.
  • Following that, nutritional services must be offered to those children who are not receiving proper nutrition for any reason or who are malnourished.
  • The CDPO’s job is to gather the health data of pregnant women and their children.
  • The CDPO should organize programs to prevent and treat children’s diseases at the district level to raise awareness in the villages.
  • The CDPO must also monitor activities related to women’s and children’s development at the district level, with better health facilities being the CDPO’s top priority.

Age restriction for CDPO

The government has set an age limit for this position. A candidate’s age range for becoming a CDPO officer should be between 21 and 37 years old. If the candidates are from the reserved categories of ST/SC, they are offered some age concessions.

  • Candidates in the ST/SC category are offered a five-year age relaxation.
  • Candidates who fall within the OBC category are given a three-year reprieve.

CDPO Full Form exam format

To become a CDPO officer, you must pass a series of tests. This exam is divided into three parts, two of which are written exams. You will be called for an interview after passing both written tests. You will be appointed to the position of CDPO Officer once you have completed all of the processes. Let’s take a look at each of these tests one by one.

Preliminary Assessment-

To become a CDPO, you must pass the preliminary test, which is the first part of the exam and is conducted in writing. The candidate is asked 150 questions about general knowledge, and you have two hours to complete the exam. You will be summoned for the second step if you pass this one.

The Main Exam-

You will be called for the main examination after passing the preliminary examination. This test is also in written format, including 100-point questions from General Hindi and two 300-300-point question papers from General Studies.

Aside from that, there is a 300-point optional subject in which you must choose one of the following subjects: Home Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Labor and Social Welfare. The candidate who passes the preliminary and primary examinations is invited to an interview.


The applicants who pass the first and second stages are called to the final examination. The last step is the interview, in which senior officials will ask you several questions; if you answer the questions correctly, you will be passed through the interview. Candidates who pass all three phases are chosen for the position of CDPO by the state government.

How to Get Ready for the CDPO

Friends, you have a good understanding of what CDPO is and what CDPO Full Form is. You also have a good knowledge of CDPO Kaise Bane. Now we will provide you with some information on its preparation so that you may obtain assistance with CDPO preparation.

Before you begin studying for any exam, you must set a goal for yourself to focus on the material. For the CDPO exam, you should first prepare a timetable, in which you should include all of the details such as what you must study and for how long, which subjects you must learn, and how much time you must explore during your studies. Take a break, etc. It would help if you began by studying the subject that you find challenging and then moved on to the easier one.

Apart from the exam’s content, it’s also necessary to be up to date on general knowledge, such as recent events in your state and country. It would help if you learned about the health of your state’s children and women and the health of women in rural areas. You will need to pay special attention to Hindi in the CDPO exam and study General Science, History, and Biology carefully for the preliminary examination. You should also review the questions from the previous year.

Salary for CDPO Full Form Officers 

For your information, becoming a CDPO officer earns you respect and provides you good pay. A CDPO officer’s wage varies from state to state across the country. A CDPO officer’s compensation ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 dollars per year, including grade pay. Apart from that, the government provides several benefits to the CDPO officer.


Q1. How can I apply to be a CDP in India?

Possess a master’s or bachelor’s degree in home science, sociology, child development, nutrition, or social work from one of the universities established or incorporated under a Central or State Act in India or from another educational institution that has been acknowledged as such or declared to be deemed as.

Q2. What is the Bpsc Cdpo test?

One of the top tests held by the Bihar Public Service Commission for the Bihar Social Welfare Department is the CDPO exam. There were 55 openings for the BPSC CDPO test in 2021–2022. Candidates should concentrate on reviewing the BPSC CDPO syllabus and regularly taking practice exams.

Q3. Which degree suits Capo the best?

A graduate in the sciences, arts, or commerce from an accredited university is the only need for the APSC CDPO, in addition to one of the following qualifications: a postgraduate degree or diploma in social work, anthropology, or criminology, as well as sociology or labor.

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