CO Full Form – What Is CO, Definition, Meaning, Uses

CO Full Form – What Is CO, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. There is a blog post of CO in every company. There is likewise the blog post of a CO in the Police Department, by which regulation and order are preserved on the marked job location. This article has been developed in several states of India.

CO Full Form

CO’s full form is “Circle Officer”. Mostly a CO is remedied in his location for complaint redressal as a CO has to function in various places.

CO: Circle Officer

CO Full Form
CO Full Form

Each circle police officer must finish all the location jobs with complete sincerity. A circle police officer is a policeman. He is the head of an independent authorities sub-division in the states of India, such as Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. He is a police officer of the ranking of replacement superintendent of authorities or aide commissioner of cops.

What is CO?

You can comprehend that a CO (CO Full form) is a policeman of the ranking of Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police leading the sub-division of an independent Pull in the states of India like Uttarakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh Pull. Takes place in the division.

The state and the federal government can visit CO in any city. That police officer has to maintain an eye on the legislation and order of that city as well as all kinds of tasks.

The state federal government will undoubtedly choose the article of CO. If an individual is a CO policeman of the Revenue Department, after that, he is involved in a job associated with profits and land reforms if the state federal government has dealt with the article of CO as a management policeman, after that he will undoubtedly be involved in the job of that city from 24 × 7.

What is the significance of CO?

In several states in India, police officers of the same ranking are selected as Deputy Superintendents of Police or in municipal communities or cities. A Commissioner of Police heads the law enforcement agency. For CO, a police officer of the Deputy Superintendent of Police ranking is chosen, or a policeman of the Assistant Commissioner of Police is chosen.

Suppose there is a message from CO in the Revenue Department. After that, he functions under the Revenue and Land Reforms Department. The blog post of CO is a Group B message.

If the state federal government identifies the article CO as a management policeman, he manages the routine procedure of his location. A CO. does the entire day’s job. If there is any emergency program of the state or federal government, he has to function in the evening.

The state federal government can likewise upload a CO in a remote area. It is a highly mindful police officer, whereby prompt effort is made to develop control over the circumstance.

That is CO?

The police officer managing the legislation and cops management in a specific location or location is called CO (Circle Officer). The task of the CO is to preserve order in his area effectively.

Regulating the order in a great location by a police officer is a little bit of a struggle, so to do the job of CO a lot more easily, the federal government selects District Magistrate (DM), Police Officer and also Municipal Corporation.

If you desire to be a CO policeman after that, you have to remove its examination. You pass that test, and you can come to be a CO policeman and offer to your nation and state.

To show up in this examination, you must have passed college graduation from any identified college, and your age must be greater than 21 years. In addition, you must be able to compose, recognize the language and talk about the state you come from. Just after that, you can offer the very same test as well as pass conveniently.

Age Limit For CO Full form 

The prospect’s age for a circle police officer must be in between 21 years to 40 years. Leisure is provided to him per the policies if the opportunity comes from the scheduled classification.


A circle police officer is chosen via the Provincial Civil Services (PCS) assessment. The article is decided based on marks just. After practical training, they are picked as circle policemen in a defined location.

CO’s job

You have currently obtained details regarding CO Full form policeman complete kind. Now, we are outlining what its features are.

  • The central feature of a CO policeman is to deal with his circle in its entirety.
  • The CO police officer keeps the order in his location appropriately.
  • COs are provided tasks in various markets. A CO operates in one location.
  • The CO obtains the power to get the job carried out in his location based on his desire to ensure that he keeps order.
  • If the federal government offers funds to a location for advancement, the CO establishes the area by utilizing it effectively.

Aside from this, there are various jobs of CO that a CO policeman needs to do; occasionally, it can be challenging to do a lot of employment by a police officer, as a result of which the federal government has selected various other police officers to help them. That function inside them.

Area Magistrate (DM)

  • Police policeman.
  • Community police officer.

According to their article, these policemen manage various jobs according to their message and are given work in multiple locations.

Qualification to come to be a CO Full form Officer.

Suppose you intend to offer the nation by becoming a CO police officer and obtaining a task in it. In that case, you should have passed college graduation or postgraduation from any acknowledged college. Just after that, you can make an application for this blog post.

CO Salary

A circle policeman is surrendered to Rs 9300-34800 every month, in addition to a quality pay of concerning Rs 5000 as well as in addition to this he likewise obtains numerous other centers as well as allocations.


Q1. How can someone become a CO?

A candidate must pass the Provincial Civil Services (PCS) exam administered by the State Public Service Commission (SPSC) of the relevant state to become a Circle Officer. However, some states administer a separate administrative services exam for the position of Circle Officer.

Q2. What does CO in the army’s complete name mean?

The Commanding Officer’s responsibility is the upkeep of order, effectiveness, and appropriate administration in the Records Office. The officer will pay close attention to the troops’ health. All tasks carried out under his command will be observed and managed by the CO.

Q3. What does CO Officer’s full name mean?

The CO’s complete form is hence the circle officer. The assistant administrator of an officer post is a regular police officer position in India. A DSP, or assistant commissioner of police, is another name.

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