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COBRA Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the COBRA. It is an Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) special operations squad that specializes in guerilla tactics and jungle warfare. This Armed Forces Organization (COBRA Full Form) was founded to combat the Naxalite menace. COBRA Cobra is used to deal with insurgency forces that are fighting in harsh situations. COBRA now has eleven battalions and is one of India’s most experienced and successful law enforcement units.

COBRA Full Form 

COBRA full form is “Commando Battalion for Resolute Action.” ‘Jungle Warriors’ is another name for the Cobra unit. It was established on September 12, 2008, as a special operations unit of India’s Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). These are special troops created to deal with extremists, rebels, and other insurgents through guerrilla/jungle warfare operations.

COBRA: Commando Battalion for Resolute Action

COBRA Full Form 
COBRA Full Form

“Sanggamen powerful ji” is the motto. COBRA is one of the country’s best central armed police, trained to survive, fight, and win in the jungle. CoBRA is one of India’s most experienced and successful law enforcement organizations. An Inspector General leads each COBRA battalion (IG). Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs), Commandants, and A/c IED Consultants are among the staff personnel who support IGs in their areas.

The Origins of COBRA and Why It Was Created

To confront the problems faced by the Naxalites, the MHA sanctioned the formation of ten COBRA (Commando Battalions for Resolute Action) battalions in 2009. It was constructed to attack Naxalite insurgents in their camps. Following that, the COBRA battalions were formed in stages. In 2008-09, 02 battalions were formed, followed by 04 battalions in 2009-10 and 04 battalions in 2010-11.

COBRA Battalions (COBRA Full Form) are specially trained to adapt to multi-task skill operations in harsh environments. COBRA members are trained in guerilla warfare, field engineering, explosives tracing, jungle survival methods, and insurgent ops tactics. Jungle warfare, operational planning and execution, physical endurance, map reading and GPS, intelligence, and heli-leadership are all part of its specific training program.

Major intelligence agencies provide special intelligence courses to train soldiers in obtaining intelligence. A COBRA school focused on jungle warfare and strategy is being considered for training soldiers, as well as standardization and the development of a distinct COBRA mentality.

COBRA has killed hundreds of Naxalites and detained over a thousand individuals, according to its training and capability. In addition, a large number of weaponry, ammunition, and explosives have been seized thus far. COBRA members have been awarded nine gallantry awards, including two Shaurya Chakras, for their outstanding bravery.

In March 2021, the 88 Mahila (Women) Battalion was formed, composed entirely of women.

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