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CRPF Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the CRPF. It is India’s largest paramilitary force and the Central Armed Police Force. The CRPF’s major purpose is to keep law and order in the state and union territory governments’ jurisdictions. The CRPF’s headquarters are in New Delhi. It is the largest paramilitary force in India, with around 239 battalions. The Indian government has also formed the CRPF Academy to provide excellent training to young recruits to the force.

CRPF Full Form

CRPF’s full form is Central Reserve, Police Force. It is India’s largest paramilitary force and the Central Armed Police Force. The CRPF is part of the Indian government’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

CRPF: Central Reserve Police Force

CRPF Full Form
CRPF Full Form

The major purpose of this force is to support all state governments in preserving peace and order in their respective areas. The company’s headquarters are in New Delhi, India. The Indian government built the CRPR Academy to adequately train young aspirants for recruitment into this service.

The paramilitary force is the name given to this group. The CRPF was established as a Crown Representative Police for the first time on July 27, 1939. It was renamed the Central Reserve Police Force following independence on December 28, 1949, under the CRPF Act. Because the CRPF is a central paramilitary force that reports to the federal government, it is not kept within the borders of any state. The CRPF can be relocated anywhere in India at any moment.

The CRPF is called upon at various times and in various locations. However, under normal conditions, the CRPF is stationed in areas where terrorism and Naxalism are prevalent. The CRPF is a paramilitary force that operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs and only follows orders from the Ministry.

The most unique aspect of the CRPF is that it is India’s largest paramilitary force. This paramilitary force consists of approximately 239 battalions, with the number of battalions expanding over time. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is India’s largest paramilitary force today.

What is the CRPF’s mission?

  • The CRPF’s objective is to uphold the rule of law, maintain public order, and ensure effective internal security.
  • Their goal is to maintain the country’s integrity, boost people’s affection for the country, and cooperate in the country’s progress by upholding the Constitution.
  • To do all of this while maintaining the honor and safety of Indian residents, this army must prioritize service and loyalty in controlling internal security and laying down its life in the event of a national disaster. must be kept
  • They are able to help their country in times of distress because of both of these factors.
  • Along with ensuring law and order in India, the CRPF plays an important role in keeping the country peaceful during elections. The continents of the CRPF are also deployed in UN missions.

What is the CRPF’s mission?

All of these projects have the assistance of the CRPF:

  • dealing with the crowd
  • riot prevention
  • Insurgency or counter-insurgency operations
  • Dealing with Extremism on the Left
  • Managing large-scale security operations, usually in areas where riots are feared or where elections are being held.
  • When India is attacked, they fight alongside the enemy.
  • They also take part in the UN Peacekeeping Mission, according to government policy.
  • If there is a storm, tsunami, or another natural disaster in the country, they assist in saving people and delivering necessary supplies.

What is the CRPF’s background?

As we previously stated, the CRPF was expelled from the CRP on July 27, 1939, and its two battalions were stationed in Nimach and Madhya Pradesh. Its first mission was to save persons who had fled the British in India’s sensitive states at the time.

  • The CRP ko CRPF Act of 1949 gave it the current name of CRPF.
  • On October 21, 1959, the Chinese army and SI Karam Singh attacked 20 additional soldiers at Ladakh’s hot springs, killing 10 and capturing the remainder. On the same day, October 21, a Police Commemoration is observed around the country.
  • In the “Desert Hawk” attack on the border post of Rann of Kutch in 1965, 500 men from Pakistan’s 51st Infantry Brigade, comprised of 18 Punjab Bn, 8 Launcher Rifles, and 6 Baloch Bn, were launched.
  • It was the bravery of Head Constable Bhawana Ram, who was stationed on the eastern perimeter of Sardar Post, who stopped the intruders in their tracks and forced them to retreat.
  • The CRPF also guarded the India-Pakistan border until 1965, when it was replaced by the Border Security Force.
  • All five terrorists were killed by CRPF soldiers who attempted to penetrate the Indian Parliament in New Delhi in the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament.
  • When five terrorists attempted to infiltrate Ayodhya’s Ram Janmabhoomi compound with guns and entered an outside security ring on July 5, 2005, they were met by CRPF men who established an inner security ring.
  • In 2008, the CRPF added the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA), whose mission was to combat the Naxalite movement.
  • After Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s chopper was lost in the Narmada Forest Range in Andhra Pradesh on September 2, 2009, 5000 CRPF soldiers were dispatched to locate and return him. This was India’s largest search effort in its history.

What operations have the CRPF carried out?

So far, the CRPF has completed three missions.

1. Sri Lanka Mission 

The demand for CRPF services is increasingly being felt far beyond India’s borders. In Sri Lanka, the CRPF is claimed to be part of the IPKF. The UN peacekeeping force also speaks of its ability, agility, and reassurance, because it knows how to accomplish its duty even in the most difficult circumstances.

2. CRPF Haiti Mission

This post did mobile patrolling, saturation patrolling, protecting police stations, and other things to keep the calm during Haiti’s presidential elections. He also provided training to the detainees.

This contingent got the US Army Commendation Medal, 5 US Army Achievement Medals, 80 appreciation coins, and 120 individuals to the United Nations as a result of his outstanding performance. In November 1995, he completed his job in Haiti.

3. CRPF Mission in Liberia

In February 2007, a women’s CRPF unit was formed in Liberia in response to a special request from the United Nations and India’s Ministry of Home Affairs. It was the first women’s team in the UN Peacekeeping Force, with just a separate women’s team from India being sent out of the 23 countries present.

What is the CRPF’s organizational structure?

The CRPF is led by a Director-General, who is an Indian Police Service official and is organized into ten administrative sectors, each led by an Inspector General. A Deputy Inspector General oversees one or more operating ranges in each sector.

In total, it comprises 245 battalions and 1200 constables. Each battalion is led by a commanding officer with the rank of the commandant and is made up of seven CRPF companies, each with 135 soldiers. An Assistant Commandant leads each company.

The CRPF has been split into four new organizations:

  • Resolute Action Commando Battalion (COBRA)
  • Rapid Response Team (RAF)
  • Special Task Force
  • Parliamentary Task Force

What role do women play in the CRPF?

In our country, the CRPF is the only paramilitary force with three women battalions.

Because the number of women in politics, crime, and other areas is increasing, police officers are having a lot of difficulty dealing with women, because any error or work done in dealing with women can lead to serious consequences.

The CRPF has developed women’s battalions to address this issue.

The second battalion of the CRPF was formed in 1995, and the third battalion was formed in 2011. Based on the success of the first women battalion of the CRPF, and the need for women to maintain peace, the government requested that women be recruited to every department. Was.

CRPF has received 1586 medals so far?

CRPF stands for “Chalte Raho Pyare Force” since they are constantly dispatched to various parts of India to solve problems.

How do I join the CRPF?

We will walk you through the entire process of joining the CRPF.

1. First and foremost, you must pass the CRPF written exam.

2. Then you’ll have your Physical Measurement. 3. The Physical Efficiency Test will follow (PET).

4. In the fourth section, your testimonies will be shown.

5. Finally, you’ll get a physical examination.

What is the CRPF salary?

  • The CRPF pays a monthly salary of 69,108 dollars. Assistant Commandant’s monthly salary is $70,527.
  • Constables are paid a monthly wage of 37,682 dollars.
  • The annual compensation for General Duty is $480,000.

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