DGP Full Form – What Is DGP, Definition, Meaning, Uses

DGP Full Form – What Is DGP, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. DGP is a message of the cop’s division, the individual that obtains the blog post of DGP in the cop’s division ends up being the highest possible policeman of the cop’s division; however, the same individual can get this article that has obtained the blog post of IPS. This message of DGP is the leading and the last blog post of the authorities division. The DGP is provided the highest possible article in the cop’s division.

DGP Full Form

DGP’s full form is Director General of Police. It is pronounced ‘Director General of Police. This is the giant cop-division police officer of any state, chosen by the Indian Police Service (IPS) assessment. Non-IPS can not be designated to this article. It appreciates the standing of a cabinet minister in the state.

DGP: Director General of Police

DGP Full Form
DGP Full Form

What is DGP?

DGP Full Form is Director General Of Police. A DGP is the head of the cops in any state. Pals likewise recognize that DGP is a three celebrity ranking and an article equivalent to the closet.

How come to be a DGP?

Of all, make it clear that there is no straight employment for the article of DGP. After working on the blog post of a police officer in the Indian Police Service, i.e., IPS, this message can be gotten to with a promo.

What is the certification called for to end up being a DGP?

What certification do you need to come to be a DGP? First, let us understand and show up in the public services test carried out by UPSC. You need to obtain a bachelor’s level from an identified college.

When you get a bachelor’s level, after that you can bring in this examination, and also you can provide the analysis, pals, another point that you ought to recognize is that the age of essential course prospects is 21 to 30 years to show up in this examination.

For OBC classification, three years of leisure has been provided in this age restriction, and also for SC/ ST group individuals, this age limitation has been raised to 5 years.

How to end up being a DGP Full Form?

How to end up being a DGP? Let us understand that a Director General of Police or Director General of Police is the leading and the last article in the cop’s pressure. Such police officer first obtains the piece of ASP, SP, DIG, Spl IG, Addl DG, and dg.

For this, the police officers are shortlisted according to the benefit of the police officers that took the examination in NPA to reach this placement. This advantage checklist develops the basis for all promos till the completion of the solution.

Right here’s what you require to recognize. The challenging reality is that although police officers come from the same set, they are of various ages. One might have removed the UPSC at the most affordable age. The numerous others might have removed the last stage old, and the countless others might have come to the center.

Since others, also if they are elderly to the more youthful police officer, can obtain the age of retired life before the more youthful police officer, buddies, if we state this in even more exact words, after that you can not straight use for DGP, for this, you have to come to be IPS. After that, after the promo of IPS, he is offered the article of DGP.

DGP Full form Salary 

A DGP Full Form is an IPS policeman, so his income can be found in the same range as that of an IPS policeman. We suggest claiming that the payment of a DGP is practically equal to that of an IPS policeman. If distinguished by a price quote, the wage of DGP is someplace in between 50,000 to 1.5 lakhs, and aside from this, he remains to obtain the advantage of many centers.

DGP Full formwork 

If we speak regarding the job of a DGP, the position of taking care of the legislation and the order of any state is provided to a DGP just. There is a huge blog post below, so this article has a great deal of obligation. The duty of the DGP policeman is to preserve tranquility and order in the state effectively, the job of a DGP to the Police Department of the state.

How to plan for DGP Exam

Exactly how to plan for DGP Full Form Exam, allowed’s understand, that needs to prepare for DGP test, for this, we have provided some factors listed below, by checking out which you can get ready for DGP test, good friends exactly how you need to prepare with these factors It will certainly be understandable –

  • To get ready for the DGP examination, you need to reinforce your basic understanding from the very start.
  • For DGP Exam, you need to pay even more interest to current events. For this, you can review daily papers.
  • Most of us recognize that self-research is essential to pass any test. Without this, you can get unclear any difficulty. That’s why constantly maintain your self-research study.
  • While getting ready for the DGP examination, whatever aims you locate essential, mark it with a pen. It will certainly additionally be straightforward for you to revise.
  • To get ready for the DGP examination, absolutely see the old examination documents and also attempt to fix them.


Q1. DGP or IG, who is more prominent?

The Director-General of Police is the highest ranking position in the police administration in the eyes of the uninitiated (DGP). A DGP is the state’s top law enforcement official. The second-ranking officer in a zone’s police force is the Deputy Inspector General of Police or DIG.

Q2. Who is more powerful, DGP or IAS?

The state’s DGP is its most powerful police officer, but he must let the Home Secretary know who is eligible to serve as an IAS officer. Another factor is that all of the heads of the central police, including the CBI, BSF, and CRPF, answer to IAS secretaries, frequently underlings.

Q3. Who has more power, DGP or IPS?

The Director-General of Police (DGP) is the top law enforcement official in Indian States and Union Territories and holds a three-star rank. All DGPs are members of the Indian Police Service (IPS). Officers with a level of DGP may hold equivalent positions in the CBI, CRPF, etc.

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