DIG Full Form – What Is DIG, Definition, Meaning, Uses

DIG Full form Friends, in this Artical, we’ll look at the full form of DIG. DIG is a celebrity ranked law enforcement officers in the Indian Police Force. After obtaining advertised from the ranking of SSP, a law enforcement officer can end up being a DIG. The DIG aids the IGP (Inspector General of Police) in supervising as well as checking the different police headquarters.

DIG means Deputy Inspector General that aids the Inspector General of Police in supervising the law enforcement agency in a certain location. The DIG is the agent of the Inspector General on his part. If there are any kind of disparities, the DIGs deal with such issues which drop within their skills as well as seek their point of view from the Inspector General.

DIG Full Form

DIG represents the accountable message of Deputy Inspector General of Police. DIG holds 3 Star Rank in IPS or Indian Police Service as well as it is under an IGP or IG Police.

DIG: Deputy Inspector General

DIG Full Form
DIG Full Form

The DIG aids the Inspector General of Police in the guidance and also control of the Police Force in his location. They have some powers to keep knowledge and also self-control in the authorities pressure in their location and also inform the outcomes to the IG of the cops.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police serves as the agent of the IG. He deals with those issues which are within his ability and also sends out the remainder of the issues to the IGP to take his point of view. The issue is sent out to the Police IG and also he makes the last resolution if there is any kind of distinction in between the viewpoint of the DIG and also the District Magistrate.

Pals, if you wish to end up being a DIG, after that to start with you need to pass the Civil Service Exam carried out by UPSC. After passing this examination, you end up being an IPS policeman and after that you will certainly need to go through a certain training as an IPS police officer.

Buddies, when you finish this training, after that you are selected as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) or Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). Hereafter, on the basis of Experience Track Record as well as efficiency, you are advertised to the ranking of Superintendent of Police SP and afterwards to the article of Senior Superintendent of Police SSP and after that advertised to the blog post of Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG

That is DIG Full form ?

DIG is a revered as well as elderly message of the cops pressure, which obtains 3 celebrities. The article of DIG is in between SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) as well as IG (Inspector General of Police). The DIG functions under the Inspector General of Police (IG).

Exactly how to end up being a DIG?

  • In the procedure of ending up being a DIG, you should have passed college graduation from any type of stream.
  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is performed yearly in India. After that you require to be effective in UPSC examination, if you desire to end up being a DIG.
  • After effective in the UPSC examination, you are selected to the article of IPS policeman.
  • After IPS educating the individual is assigned to the blog post of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) or Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).
  • After checking your efficiency as well as experience in the blog post of ASP or ACP, you obtain the blog post of Superintendent of Police (SP) by promo.
  • After promo from the article of SP you obtain the blog post of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and also lastly after SSP to the article of DIG (Deputy Inspector General of Police).

Federal government centers obtained by DIG

  • The policeman of DIG article obtains federal government holiday accommodation which has sufficient features.
  • DIG obtains optimal wage as much as 2,16,600/- as well as quality pay of 8,900/-.
  • Security guards are offered by the federal government as safety and security to the DIG police officer that are published outside the DIG’s residence.
  • DIG is offered federal government automobile as well as vehicle driver by the federal government.
  • Many clinical advantages are offered by the federal government to DIGs as well as their family members.
  • After the DIG relinquishes his solution, he is offered long-lasting pension plan by the federal government as an honor.

Significant Duties of DIG Full form

The complete type of DIG is Deputy Inspector General in the Police Department. The policeman holding this article functions under the Inspector General of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police. Right here are the significant tasks carried out by the DIG.

  • Reporting to the Inspector General (IG) as well as executing the directions offered by him.
  • To make help and also stand for the Inspector General anywhere he is not offered.
  • Solve instances, preserve order, as he has a larger location than the Superintendent of Police.
  • Maintain performance as well as technique in the authorities division as well as amongst fellow policemans.
  • Take control of issues which are past the powers allocated to the Superintendent of Police.

When problems come up for the District Magistrate, · The Deputy Inspector General of Police acts as the agent of the Inspector General of Police.

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