DSP Full Form – What Is DSP, Definition, Meaning, Uses

DSP Full Form – What Is DSP, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. People want to get the post of DSP, or SSP, for which people have to work very hard because both these DSP and SSP posts are decent and are called great posts. The rank of the post of DSP is listed below the SP in the police, while the SSP is greater than the DSP.

DSP Full Form

DSP’s full Form is “Deputy Superintendent of Police.” This massive post is primarily related to the cop’s service. If you want to know about this, today, we will inform you how to become a DSP here. There are mainly two methods to get Administration Jobs in India. The first way is getting promoted, and the second method is passing the exam here.

DSP: Deputy Superintendent of Police

DSP Full Form
DSP Full Form

In the same method, one can be promoted from Inspector to DSP in the Police Department. If you desire to get the post of DSP straight, then you will have to pass the State PSC Exam for this.

If you wish to end up being IPS, i.e., Indian Police Service, then for this, you have to sit in the assessment of Union Public Service Commission, then to become DSP, State Public Service Commission, i.e., State It needs to be passed by appearing in the evaluation conducted by the Public Service Commission.

What is State Public Service Commission?

If we discuss the State Public Service Commission (State PSC), which works under the state government, its main task is to choose the staff members in various locations of the country. Different PSCs are produced in each State, which only Takes tests for state-level jobs.

Credentials of DSP

If you are interested in becoming a DSP, some credentials have likewise been prescribed. For this, you need to complete graduation.

Age Limit to become DSP.

If you have finished your graduation, then the age limit has also been fixed to get the post of DSP. Your age should be between 21 to 30 years. Apart from this, SC classification trainees are given an age relaxation of 5 years. Is.

How to prepare for DSP

You men have, up until now, learned about DSP complete Form and what is the age limit to become a DSP? Having read its info, it is crucial to understand how we can prepare for DSP. The pattern of UPSC and State PSC examinations to become DSP stays practically the same. The only difference between these two is that national-level concerns are asked in UPSC, and state-level questions are available in State PSC. If we look at this, the UPSC exam is thought to be the most challenging.

To become a DSP, you must first provide the Pre Exam. After that, you need to clear the Main Exam, and finally, the Interview is taken. Apart from these three tests, there is also a physical test, in which the length is determined first and, after that, the race. It is done, after which the chest is lastly decided.

What is the DSP Full Form Training Process?

If you pass all the tests and exams, you become DSP. After that, you are offered training for one year. Apart from this, if any prospect ends up being DSP by clearing the State PSC exam, then 2 in the academy of authorities workers. Years of training are required.

Pre Exam

A preliminary test is the first stage of becoming a DSP. In this examination, 150 marks have been repaired under General Studies, and the optional subject is 300 marks. Buddies, we would like to tell you that you should prepare well for this exam.

Main Exam

If you clear the preliminary test, you are offered an opportunity to appear in the main examination. In this evaluation, the Indian language 300 marks, English 300 marks, essay 200 marks, essential study 300 marks, and marks for the optional subject have been fixed in two digits under the mandatory topic.


Then you are called for the Interview if you clear the Preliminary Exam and Main Exam. If you pass the Interview, you are picked for the post of DSP.

DSP Full Form wage and other Advantages

Talking about the income and other facilities of DSP, you will be amazed to understand because lots of facilities are provided to a DSP. A DSP is offered a high payment and lots of allowances along with the obstacle of keeping law and order in his location and the duty of the post.

  • A DSP gets an official lorry along with the chauffeur.
  • The government pays the electricity bills of a DSP.
  • A DSP accumulates high-class lodging during main checkouts.
  • A DSP gets security personnel and domestic servants like a cook and a garden enthusiast.
  • A DSP gets a telephone connection whose expense is paid by the federal government.
  • A DSP accumulates a house for himself and the employees at no charge or on nominal rent.


Q1. DSP has a bodyguard, right?

They also receive many perks as a DSP, such as a free apartment for them and their family and a staff apartment. They are provided with a cook, security guard, and domestic staff, all already covered by the government.

Q2. How do ASP and DSP work?

The Indian police force has a grade for police officers called DSP. The state police are represented by the DSP, who is in charge of the state police officers. The national emblem for this officer’s rank is displayed above one star on the shoulder strapAssistant Superintendent of Police abbreviated ASP.

Q3. Is DSP a member of the IPS?

According to state government laws, a DSP is comparable to an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) and may be promoted to an IPS after a few years of service. Exams are conducted each year to appoint police forces to the DSP level. After the specified years of service, inspectors are frequently promoted to DSP.

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