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GRP Full Form Friends, in this Artical, we’ll look at the full form of GRP. The Indian Railways is the nation’s lifeline, and its highly valued infrastructure, economic importance, and high news value, as well as the terror and panic caused by mass accidents, represent a significant threat to its security. In their various railway jurisdictions, the State/UT Police also serve as “Railway Police” (GRP). The GRP’s principal responsibilities include tracking and tracing the offenders of all crimes, case registration, investigation, prosecution, railway jurisdiction, and train law and order.

The safety and security of the 13 crore passengers served by Indian Railways every day is of paramount significance to GRP. The individual state GRPs are responsible for maintaining law and order on railroads and railway premises, while the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police are jointly responsible for the safety of passengers and their belongings in running trains and railway premises (GRP).

The Government Railway Police receives reports, registers them, and investigates them (GRP). The relevant State GRP is responsible for investigating and prosecuting violations under the Indian Penal Code as well as offenses under the Railways Act (Sections 150 to 152). Except for the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966 and the Railway Act, 1989, all other special and local laws of the Indian Penal Code, law and order, and the Government Railway Police have been entrusted with the implementation of secularism 150 to 152. ( GRP).

The Railway Protection Force has been given the authority to arrest and prosecute minor infractions under the Indian Railways Act (which impacts passengers and train operations).

GRP Full Form

GRP full form is Government Railway Police in its entire form, and GRP in Hindi means Government Railway Police. The Government Railway Police (GRP) is in charge of maintaining law and order, as well as detecting and investigating crimes on the railways.

GRP: Government Railway Police

CGS Full Form
CGS Full Form

What is GRP?

GRP is a type of law enforcement agency. The main goal of establishing this branch was to eliminate the need for passengers to go to the police station in the event of a rail disaster. Rather, the Railway Police should approach them directly to resolve the issue. GRP police stations have been established at railway stations since then. As a result, the Railway GRP also made a payment to the police.

does. Similarly, all of the GRP police officers are operated. The major task of the GRP Police, also known as the Railway Police, is to maintain peace and order. In addition, the railway police, also known as the GRP police, is responsible for offenses such as theft, robbery, illegally misappropriating commodities, and suicide on the railways.

The work of the GRP police is not limited to the trains; any occurrences occurring within a one-kilometer radius of the railway station will be investigated by the GRP police, and we will inform you of this. Let me also point out that the GRP Police is a division of the State Police. As a result, how it operates differs from state to state. Its primary responsibility is to prevent criminal activity at railway stations.

What exactly is the distinction between RPF and GRP?

GRP stands for Government Railway Police while RPF refers for Railway Police Force. Their work responsibilities, obligations, and functions are all different.

RPF Job Description – GRP Full Form

The Union Ministry of Railways is in charge of the RPF. The security force’s principal mission is to protect passengers and railway property. This includes safeguarding the animals, station, and yard against vandalism and theft, among other things.

GRP Job Description – GRP Full Form

GRP is a police group that reports to the state government. Its major mission is to preserve peace and order. Passengers in trains will be protected by security forces. In addition, the duty for IR property has been delegated. As a result, GRP handles with crimes, missing persons, injuries, deaths (in relation to trains and railway premises), and other issues.

What are some of GRP’s other responsibilities?

  • Surveillance of loaded passenger trains at the terminal.
  • Assisting people in getting to hospitals in the event of an emergency.
  • The removal of deceased passengers from trains.
  • Maintenance of trains that have come to a halt at stations, as well as the prevention of overcrowding.

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