IB Full Form – What Is IB, Definition, Meaning, Uses

IB Full Form – What Is IB, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. There is one desire in everyone’s mind: to gain a government job in whatever way possible. However, the situation is so bad that if a thousand jobs are advertised, 8 to 10 lakh people apply. Everyone can’t receive a government job in such a situation. This article will provide information about a government job you may use for, and if you are fortunate, you will be hired.

IB Full Form

Intelligence Bureau is the full form of IB. It is an Indian intelligence agency that primarily deals with domestic intelligence and counterterrorism issues. IB supplies intelligence agencies and police with information about suspicious activity to take the required steps to defend the country and its citizens from internal and external dangers. The IB has also been tasked with counterintelligence and counterterrorism missions.

IB: Intelligence Bureau

IB Full Form
IB Full Form

The International Bureau was established in 1887 to watch Russian forces stationed in Afghanistan. The Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) is the country’s oldest intelligence agency. The Government of India renovated it in 1947 when India gained independence.

IB director has always been a member of the Indian Police Service. Rajiv Jain, a 1980 batch IPS officer from the Jharkhand cadre as of January 2017, is the current IB director. The IB has the authority to issue radio frequency licenses and to tap a phone line. It also features an email espionage system that monitors the emails of terrorists and other dangerous organizations.

IB definition or definitions 

Friends, you’ve probably figured out that IB stands for Intelligence Bureau, India’s intelligence organization. Friends, IB stands for Intelligence Bureau or Intelligence Office, which handles and monitors any dangers within the country.

IB are acronyms that stand. 

The Intelligence Bureau, or IB, is an Indian intelligence agency primarily concerned with internal intelligence and dealing with the country’s internal threats. Interior intelligence services supply police with information about any suspicious actions to take the appropriate steps to defend our country and its residents from any internal or external threats.

The Intelligence Bureau, or IB, is also in charge of counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is India’s oldest intelligence organization, established by the Indian government in 1947 AD at independence.

The Director of the Intelligence Bureau has always been a police officer from India. The Intelligence Bureau, or IB, has the authority to issue radio frequency licenses and to tap anyone’s phone.

IB headquarters are located at

The term “Intelligence Bure” refers to the headquarters of the Intelligence Bureau, which is based in New Delhi.

IB functions are as follows:

  • The Intelligence Bureau, or IB officer, has the following responsibilities:
  • Getting information that isn’t public.
  • Terrorism must be combated with vigilance.
  • Collection of intelligence in border areas.
  • To keep monitoring all types of harmful actions along the border.
  • Be prepared to deal with any kind of crisis that may arise.
  • Aside from that, an Intelligence Bureau Officer is responsible for various other duties.

The following are the requirements for becoming an IB:

To become an Intelligence Bureau or IB officer member, we must meet specific requirements. These requirements are as follows:

Academic Qualifications: The following are the educational requirements for this position:

The interested applicant must pass the tenth grade, i.e., its candidate must pass the tenth grade.

Friends, there are many jobs in this field, and additional educational qualifications are required for different kinds of jobs, such as a 10th-grade diploma, a 12th-grade diploma, and a graduation diploma, among others.

  1. Age Restrictions:

Friends, individuals applying for a job in IB should be at least 18 years old and no older than 27 years old. Apart from that, it has a different age limit for persons who fall into other groups such as OBC, SC, ST, disabled, and athletes.

Exam Pattern for the IB Full Form

The exam for the Intelligence Bureau, or IB, is broken into two parts:

  • Written
  • Interview

First and foremost, a written exam is administered, which you must pass. You will be summoned for an interview after passing the written test and will be asked specific oral questions during the interview.

If you accurately answer the questions in the interview, you will be passed and admitted to IB.

Rank in the Bureau of Intelligence:

The Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) popular rank ranks are as follows:

  • Director of Joint Operations
  • Duplicitous Directorship
  • Director of Additional Operations
  • Assistant to the Director
  • Director of the Intelligence Bureau
  • Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
  • Special Director, Secretary, and so on.

IB Full Form remuneration

Friends Intelligence Bureau, i.e., an IB officer, is paid an excellent monthly wage, an additional one-month salary per year, and more excellent promotion and scale.

An IB officer is paid a monthly salary of Rs 5200 – 20,200, plus a 2000 grade pay from the central government and other benefits.


Q1. IB is either public or private.

The IB is a nonprofit organization that operates similarly to a franchise network when marketing its goods and services to schools.

Q2. How do I apply to be an IB officer?

You must register for the CGPE (Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam), which is held annually by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), to join the Intelligence Bureau (IB). It would help if you succeeded in Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams and the interview stage. You must take the Group A Civil Service Exam to join RAW.

Q3. What does an IB do?

The IB is a covert agency that collects intelligence from within India and carries out counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations. The Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), and military personnel comprise most of the Bureau’s staff.

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