ICS Full Form – What Is ICS, Definition, Meaning, Uses

ICS Full Form – What Is ICS, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. Between 1858 and 1947, the Indian Civil Service, sometimes known as the Imperial Civil Service in the nineteenth century, was the British Empire’s highest public post in British India. Its members were in charge of around 30 crore Indians at the time. He was in charge of monitoring government activity in 250 British Indian districts.

He was given his name in line with Section 32 of the Government of India Act 1858, passed by the United Kingdom Parliament. The Secretary (Secretary-cum-State) to the Government of India led the ICS. The ICS was defined by David Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister during World War I, as the “steel frame of this entire building” of the British Raj in India.

Only the British could join this cadre at first because it was intended to establish and secure the British Raj in India. This was then granted to Indians as well. It was a source of tremendous pride to be a member of the ICS, which was seen as a form of the elite.

There were many disputes with India’s freedom warriors due to their desire to maintain authority. Pandit Nehru denounced it, saying, “The Indian Civil Service is neither Indian, civil nor service.” Following independence, its members were partitioned into India and Pakistan, with all British members returning to the United Kingdom.

However, after independence, Nehru embraced it with minimal revisions (like changing its name to Indian Administrative Service). This well-trained civil service played a critical role in the country’s initial integration after independence. With this in mind, Sardar Patel stated emphatically that maintaining India unified would have been impossible without the Indian Administrative Service.

ICS Full Form

Friends, now that we know about Internet Connection Sharing, we can deduce what it means from the word alone. The sharing of an internet connection between two or more computers is called ICS. ICS’s job is to connect two or more computers to the Internet with a single Internet connection and IP address.

ICS: Internet Connection Sharing

ICS Full Form
ICS Full Form

Let’s use an example to help us grasp this. Because we may use a router to connect multiple computers in an office to a cable or DSL modem, every computer connected to the modem will have internet access as long as the modem is connected to the router. Network Address Translation (NAT), often known as DSL Modem, allows all computers to share the same IP address.

What is BRC?

In January 1992, the British Retail Consortium was established. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a trade group representing retail enterprises in the United Kingdom. It’s been nearly 29 years since the British Retail Consortium, based in London, UK, published the first edition of the BRC Food Technical Standards and Protocols for food providers in 1998.

What are the functions of BRC?

One of the essential functions of the British Retail Consortium is to bring about good change for the retail business and the clients it serves.

ICS Full Form Background 

Lord Cornwallis was the founder of the Indian civil service, or more accurately, the Indian civil service. It was known as the Imperial Civil Service during the British Raj. However, civil service appointments were not made based on competition, and Indians were not permitted to join the civil service. In India, however, Lord Macaulay established the modern civil service. As a result, civil service appointments are now made based on competitive tests. Recruitment to the Indian Civil Service began based on merit after Lord Macaulay’s arrival.

However, it was agreed that the civil service examinations would be held in London and the investigation would be completed in English. However, the Indian Civil Services test began in India after 1922, and the first examination was held in Allahabad.

In 1864, the first Indian, Shri Satyendra Nath Tagore, was chosen and sent to London for training. He spent almost 30 years in the Indian Civil Service. The Indian Administrative Service was later called the Indian Civil Service (IAS). Because this service is known as the All India Service, you can become an IAS, IPS, or IFS in the Indian Civil Service.

How many different types of services are there?

If we talk about how many different sorts of civil services there are in India, many children are puzzled about how many different types of civil services there are.

So here’s what we’re going to say:

Services for the entire country-

  • In this case, there are three different forms of service.
  • IAS (International Accounting Standards) (Indian Administrative Service)
  • IPS (International Press Service) (Indian Police Service)
  • IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies) (Indian Forest Service)
  • They are appointed by the federal government and assigned to work in various states after completing their training.

Administrative Services-

It is a service in which officers must work for the federal government. They are classified into four groups: A, B, C, and D. The Indian Economic Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Postal Service, Indian Statistical Service, and Indian Engineering Service employ most of these officers.

In India, there are currently 60 different types of Group A services. Officers in Groups A and B are known as gazetted officers.

Governmental Services-

The state government employs the police who work there. The state government has complete control over the state service. If you’re studying for IAS and IPS, you’ve probably heard of UPSC, HPPSC, and BPSSC.


Q1. Where did India’s first ICS exam take place?

The GoI Act 1919 stipulated that the ICS test must be held in India. Even though Indians made up only 15% of the overall workforce in the bureaucracy, the first exam of this kind was born in India in Allahabad in 1922.

Q2. When was ICS changed to IAS?

In 1947, the Indian Police (IP) and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) were established as all-India services, replacing the Indian Civil Service (ICS) and Indian Police (IP), respectively.

Q3. Describe the ICS exam.

One of India’s most difficult competitive tests is the Civil Services Examination, also known as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), originally known as the Imperial Civil Service (ICS). The Union Public Service Commission manages the recruitment process of All India Administrative Civil Service officers.

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