IG Full Form – What Is IG, Definition, Meaning, Uses

IG Full Form – What Is IG, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. The Inspector General of Police is a high-ranking person in a vast territory. He might be in charge of the entire country’s police force. An IG’s role differs from country to country. In nations including Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, and Ghana, the country’s police chief holds the title of IG. An Inspector General (IG) in India is the third-highest post in the state police hierarchy.

IG Full Form

Inspector General of Police is the full form of IG. Most administrative posts in India can be obtained in one of two ways: by promotion or by taking an exam. However, you cannot become an IG directly by passing an exam because IGs are exclusively appointed by advertising.

IG: Inspector General of Police

IG Full Form
IG Full Form

If you want to be an IG, you must pass the Civil Service Exam, administered by the Union Public Service Commission or the State Public Service Commission. If you pass the UPSC test, you become an IPS officer and are assigned to the position of SP. After 14 years on the SP, you are promoted to DIG, and after another 3-5 years, you are enabled to IG. (IGP) is the acronym for the abbreviation for the acronym

If you pass the State PCS Exam, you will be assigned to the position of DSP, and after about 10-15 years, you will be promoted to SP, and after a few years, you will be promoted to DIG and finally to the end of your career until you are IG.

To work as an IG

Let us know what qualifications you need to become an IG. If we’re talking about the qualifications for this position, you should have a bachelor’s degree in any field. And your % won’t be shown. You must be at least 18 years old to take the UPSC exam.

It is between the ages of 21 and 30, with a 5-year relaxation for ST/SC. Also, General candidates can only sit in this test six times, whereas ST/SC candidates can appear in this exam nine times. In police recruitment, your height should be similar to this.

What is IG?

In the police department, there are numerous important positions, one of which is Inspector General. This is a highly regarded and respected Police Department position. In the police department, the IG is given a lot of authority. In other words, the IG post is located between ADGP and DIG. The position of IG is obtained through promotion from DIG. IG’s collar is adorned with a gorget’s patch, and he wields a cross sword and a star on his stick.

How do you go about becoming an IG?

You should be aware that the position of Inspector General is not immediately accessible within the police department. Every year in India, civil services exams are held to determine who would be assigned to the position of petty officer, following which they will be promoted to IG in one of two ways:

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission):

You get appointed to the post of SP if you pick IPS after doing well in the UPSC test held throughout India. After 13 to 14 years of service, you are promoted to DIG, and after 3 to 4 years as DIG, you are promoted to IG.

PCS State Exam:

  • The PCS test is a state-level exam; if you pass it, you will be assigned to the position of DSP in the police department.
  • After 13 or 15 years of service, you are promoted to SP, and after 14 years of service, you are promoted to DIG.
  • In three or four years, DIG will be promoted to the position of IG.
  • IG has access to certain facilities.
  • The Inspector General Officer is given a government residence to live in by the Government.
  • Along with the salary, IG is granted an additional Rs 10,000 grade pay.
  • The Government provides the IG officer with a driver and a government vehicle.
  • The Government also provides medical benefits to IGs and their family members.
  • The Government protects IGs in the form of guards.

Eligibility to work as an IG Full Form

To become an IG, a candidate must be a graduate, regardless of what percentage of the candidate is still in school. That is, the candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

To become an IG, you must pass the UPSC or State PSC exam and any related tests. To become an IG, you must first pass a physical exam and then an interview. Although the test patterns for UPSC and State PSC are similar, national-level questions appear in UPSC, while state-level questions appear in State PSC.

Age IG

For a general category student to become an IG officer, they must be between the ages of 21 and 30 and can only take the IG test six times. Students from the OBC group are only allowed to take the IG test nine times. Students in the SC/ST category can take the exam as often as they like.

IG’s Salary

When it comes to an IG’s compensation and other benefits, you’ll be astonished to learn that an IG receives many of them. An IG is paid well and receives numerous benefits, as well as the obligation of preserving peace and order in his area. After the seventh commission, IG’s compensation is $144,200.

Work on IG Full Form

The Inspector General oversees the police force’s general administrative management and commands the National Police Service, which operates by national legislation. He uses his authority to make appointments, postings, promotions, and suspensions by the Government’s directives and rules. Furthermore, under the Police Act of 1861, the IG has full magistrate authority in the general police district; however, this authority may be limited by the state government.

IG’s most important duties

  • The Director General of Police and the District Office are linked through the IGs of a Zone.
  • The IG can command, advise, or direct the DIG and SP in his area to be aware of each other and not substitute for one another in the tasks entrusted to him.
  • He ensures that the police of different ranges or districts under his jurisdiction work together.
  • During an emergency, the IG can manage the situation entirely by surpassing the range between DIG and SP.
  • The IG trains the officers under his command on how to conduct themselves and behave while carrying out their tasks with man-management and courtesy.
  • The IG is in charge of the Armed Reserves’ training to keep the Police Forces at a high level of effectiveness and discipline. He is also in order of maintaining discipline among all designations’ officers.
  • The IG is responsible for keeping current on any significant matters involving police misconduct in his region.
  • The IGs exchange copies of their trip itinerary with the DGP and the SP who works under them.
  • In extreme cases, the IG can supervise and lead the DIGs and Superintendents of Police in his range and undertake personal investigations.


Q1. Who is a significant DIG or IG?

Deputy Inspector General is referred to as DIG. The Indian Police Service grants this rank one star. Compared to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police, this is a higher position (DCP). The Inspector General of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police supervises the officer in this position.

Q2. What does an Indian IG mean?

An Inspector General of Police (IGP) is currently solely a member of the Indian Police Service. An IGP is a third-highest level in a state’s hierarchy, immediately above the Deputy Inspector General of Police and below the Additional Director General of Police.

Q3. Is IG or DGP superior?

The Director-General of Police is the highest ranking position in the police administration in the eyes of the uninitiated (DGP). A DGP is the state’s top law enforcement official. The second-ranking officer in a zone’s police force is the Deputy Inspector General of Police or DIG.

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