IMA Full Form – What Is IMA, Definition, Meaning, Uses

IMA Full Form – What Is IMA? Definition, Meaning, and will be discussed here. IMA was developed on 10 December 1932. And also, the IMA was set in the heart of the British Government. And also, you will certainly obtain even more details regarding this on the main website of IMA.

IMA Full Form

IMA’s full form is “Indian Military Academy.” The prospects that finish their training in Ima are included in the nation’s protection as a soldier.

IMA: Indian Military Academy

IMA Full Form
IMA Full Form

Let me inform you that, right here, male prospects obtain education, learning, and training from the armed forces. There is a different institute for women’s options. Ima is generally developed in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and was created in 1932 by military officers. The IMA Indian Military Academy has topped a location of concerning 400 acres.

Below the prospects are educated and also exchanged military officers. Because a soldier is constantly required to be as well as emotionally solid, right here, nominees are subjected to physical training as well as psychological training.

What is IMA?

It is a volunteer company of contemporary clinical techniques of clinical scientific research in India. It was developed in 1928 by the All India Medical Association. It is a well-developed as well as understood company. Its headquarters is found in New Delhi and has branches in all the states and union regions of India.

How to Join IMA?

To sign up with IMA, you need to pass some affordable examinations. After that, you can be admitted to IMA (Indian Military Academy). For this, affordable evaluations are arranged according to the degree of your college graduation.

NDA examination – IMA Full Form

NDA is thought to be the most effective and straightforward alternative to signing up with IMA. If you choose, you can take this NDA examination from the 12th onwards. After that, you obtain three years of NDA training in Khadakwasla. Hereafter you are sent for one year in IMA for the following training.

To provide the NDA test, you should have passed 12th and have a PCM (physics, chemistry, mathematics) team. Youngsters that have a clinical stream are not qualified for this test.

CDSE test

A trainee that has finished his college graduation can stand for this CDSE test. After passing this test, prospects must go via numerous other phases. There are various phases like psychological and also physical fitness.

The prospect that effectively passes all various other phases after getting rid of the CDSE examination is possible to use up IMA training.

Technical graduate training course 

Trainees were doing BE and Btech in a specialized area, and if they are in the last year after that, they are qualified to provide this test. After finishing this TGC, trainees obtain military training for one year in IMA.

How to sign up with IMA

Typical test where you can sign up with IMA.

  • NDA Exam – A prospect who passed the 12th course with PCM is qualified to sign up with NDA. Male candidates are eligible for this test; their age limit is 16.5 to 19 years. After removing the NDA test, nominees undergo three years of training in NDA Khadakwasla and after one year of training in IMA.
  • CDSE Exam – A graduate prospect that has removed CDSE and later phases of SSB, as well as clinical physical fitness, can show up in IMA.
  • Technical Graduate Course – Students who remain from last year or have finished BE BTech in necessary topics can sign up with IMA via the specialized grad program.

Physical Standards to Join IMA Full Form

To sign up with IMA, the prospect will certainly need to go through a physical examination. If the candidate passes the physical test, too, they can sign up with the IMA. Adhering to are the policies that need to be complied with for IMA training -.

  • To sign up with IMA, the prospect needs to have a perfect body, psychological health, and wellness.
  • The prospect should not be dealing with any illness of bones or joints to sign up with IMA.
  • The candidate should have a well-established breast with 5 centimeters to sign up with IMA.
  • Candidates need not have signs of body organ-associated conditions to sign up with IMA.
  • To sign up with the IMA, 2.4 kilometers for guys will certainly need to be finished in 10 mins and for ladies in 13 mins and 30 secs.


Q1. What is the IMA salary?

The candidates chosen for the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Air Force Academy (AFA), and Indian Naval Academy (INA) would receive a training stipend of 56,100 rupees per month. To enroll in training and receive the IMA training period salary, candidates must pass all phases of the selection process.

Q2. Who may enlist in IMA?

You must complete the Combined Defence Services Exams in your final year of graduation, pass the SSB, be in good health, and enter IMA as a Direct Entry if you receive a merit scholarship. After your 12th exam, you can apply for the other entries, such as the 10+2 Tech Entry.

Q3. What does IMA certification mean?

Institut Militaire Indien (IMA) All applicants must have graduated from a university or institute approved by the Indian Government in any discipline. Candidates for the Indian Naval Academy (IMA) should hold an engineering degree from a university or institute approved by the Indian Government.

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