LMV Full Form – What Is LMV, Definition, Meaning, Uses

LMV Full Form – What Is LMV, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. Pals, as we understand, any lorry in India, also if it is a motorbike, requires a Driving License (DL). If you are finding out any automobile after that, you need a learner’s Driving License, which you have to use in the RTO workplace.

LMV Full Form

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) permit has created motorists of the Motorcycle without equipment and designed for lightweight lorries such as mobility scooters and various other gearless lorries. A driving license in India is a certification that permits its owners to operate different types of cars on freeways and a few other minor routes/roads.

LMV: Light Motor Vehicle

LMV Full Form
LMV Full Form

It is provided administratively by the Transport Authority/ Offices (RTA/ RTO) at the local degree in Indian states. Under the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act, it is highly required for each individual to have an India driving certificate to drive his lorry on any freeway or various other roadways.

The LMV certificate allows using all light cars such as jeeps, bikes, e-rickshaws, and all light 2-wheelers and four-wheelers. For the LMV certificate, it was considered essential for an individual to be above 16 years old.

You can utilize this permit for individual transportation and use light automobiles (gypsy, motorbike, various other light automobiles of 4 wheelers). Yet, this permit can not be utilized for website traffic on state roadways. You might have to pay the penalty if you drive any transportation car under this permit.

What is LMV Driving License?

There are numerous sorts of driving permits, among which is the LMV permit. This permit is provided to you by the RTO workplace. It is a tiny permit. With the help of this permit, you can drive any exclusive automobile or bike, yet You might not utilize this permit for any industrial transport. You might need to pay a significant penalty for doing so.

Exactly how to obtain a Driving License

Buddies, if you are 16 years old, you can use for Motorcycle, i.e., two-wheeler cars. For four wheeler car, you should be 18 years old. When you pass the driving examination, you are provided a driving permit for the car classification for which you used.

Classifications of driving certificate

Pals right here is launching the listing of classifications that can be located on a driving certificate in India. Because with its aid, you will undoubtedly be able to recognize various kinds of licenses in India, the info listed below is crucial.

  • MC 50CC (Motorcycle 50cc)– This classification consists of all those motorbikes whose engine ability is 50cc or much less.
  • MC EX50CC (Motorcycles over 50cc) – Motorcycles, light cars, and autos whose engine capacity is more than 50cc.
  • Geared engines/ mobility scooters with an engine ability of 50cc or extra (old classification) with or without equipment of any engine capability.
  • MC without equipment or M/CYCL. WOG (Motorcycle without equipment)– Motorcycle, Scooter without equipment, All bikes.
  • MCWG or MC Gear or M/CYCL. WG (Motorcycle with Gear)– All motorbikes whose engine capacity is more significant than 175cc.
  • LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle-Non Transport)– This consists of all those lorries which are for individual usage, just
  • LMV-INVCRG- NT (Light Motor Vehicle- Invalid Carrying-Non Transport)– For personal usage by literally disabled individuals.
  • LMV-TR (Light Motor Vehicle-Transport)– Light items automobiles or lorries used for industrial transportation.
  • LMV (Light Motor Vehicle)- Cars, Motorcycle Gear, Jeep, Taxi, Delivery Van.
  • LDRXCV (Loader, Excavator, Hydraulic Equipment)– All lorries utilized for business are hefty and hydraulic tools.
  • HMV (Heavy Motor Vehicle) – It consists of all those big cars used to bring items from one location to another.
  • HTV Heavy Transport Vehicles: This classification consists of Heavy Goods Motor Vehicles, Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicles, Heavy Goods Motor Vehicles, and Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicles.

Regarding Small Motor Vehicle or LMV Full form

  • LMV stands for Small Motor Vehicle or Light Motor Vehicle. With an LMV driving permit, you can drive taxis, vans, and so on.
  • Indicating you can additionally do industrial driving and also individual usage with this as well as with this you can likewise drive bikes as well as mobility scooters. This is one of the most typical certificates provided in India to conduct a non-transport car.
  • In 2017 the Supreme Court got that LMV permit owners can additionally drive taxis. Such acknowledgment has been obtained.

Kinds of LMV Full form

There are two kinds of LMVs:-.

  • LMV-NT( LMV- NT).
  • LMV-TR( LMV-TR).


It is just a light car non-transportation. If you have used this course after that, you just obtain consent to drive a personal vehicle (just a white plate automobile), it implies.

Light electric motor car transportation; however, this transportation indicates that if you have used for this course, you are permitted to drive personal cars and transportation cars (lorries of white plate and yellow plates) yet not hefty lorries like vehicles. TR permit has actually to be restored after every three years.


Q1. Is an SUV an LMV?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, an SUV qualifies as an LMV if its unladen weight is less than 7500 kg. As a result, anyone with an LMV(NT – Non-Transport) license may also operate a transport vehicle.

Q2. What is LMV or HMV?

Therefore, those who hold an HMV license may operate heavy vehicles. However, the driver must be qualified to work in a commercial vehicle or a vehicle for public transportation. LMVs are referred to as light vehicles. A person may operate a personal vehicle with an LMV class license.

Q3. Are cars called LMVs?

The full form of LMV is Light Motor Vehicle. It is an abbreviation used by RTO in India to indicate that the holder of the license is allowed to drive a private (vehicle with white number plate and black letters) 4-wheeler like auto-rickshaws, motor cars, jeeps, etc.

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