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PAC Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the PAC. If we go into further information regarding PAC, we can see that it is the police force. When there is a threat of terrorist attacks and to preserve law and order, it is primarily deployed in the state of Uttar Pradesh. PAC was founded in Uttar Pradesh on October 1, 1926.

This police force’s soldiers are chosen through an examination process. The Government of Uttar Pradesh selects jawans for the PAC through the Police Recruitment Examination. Different PAC postings appear in the police recruitment examination, and students are picked for the PAC post based on numbers in the same recruitment.

PAC Full Form

PAC full form is Provincial Armed Constabulary. This is Uttar Pradesh’s nimble police force. When someone in their country generates large riots, elections, or riots against the government, they are doing their job. The police board is in charge of recruitment; those with high numbers are in the police force, while those with low numbers are not.

PAC: Provincial Armed Constabulary

PAC Full Form
PAC Full Form

What is PAC?

PAC is an agile police unit in Uttar Pradesh that operates under the Uttar Pradesh government, hence the name UP-PAC. The Uttar Pradesh government uses the PAC to preserve peace and order in a certain situation. UP-PAC is primarily employed to maintain peace and order throughout the state in the event of natural and domestic calamities such as special events, festivals, fairs, VIP security, terrorist attacks, and riots, among other things.

The definition of PAC is a political action committee

Friends, now that you know the entire form of PAC and what it is, let us not forget about the meaning of PAC-

Friends PAC is a highly mobile police force in Uttar Pradesh that works for the state government. The government of Uttar Pradesh employs police officers to keep the peace and preserve law and order in the state in any unusual circumstances. She leaves. Friends, PSC is only recruited by the Police Board; those with high numbers are hired by the police, while those with low numbers are allowed to the PAC.

The UP-PAC Selection Process is as follows:

Friends, the troops of the UP-PAC are chosen only on the basis of a police examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government. The Government of Uttar Pradesh publishes information regarding police recruitment on a regular basis.

UP-PAC is also chosen through Uttar Pradesh’s police recruitment process, i.e. UP-PAC is also chosen through Uttar Pradesh’s police recruitment process. Written examination, physical efficiency, and a merit list established during the written examination are used to choose UP-PAC.

Eligibility for the UP-PAC programme:

  • Candidates must possess certain qualifications in order to participate in the UP-PAC recruiting process. The requirements required are as follows:
  • Candidates for PAC recruiting must have completed their 12th grade at a recognised school.
  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old.

Where are the PAC’s responsibilities imposed?

The following are the places where PS is required:

  • The PAC’s responsibilities include the protection of VIPs and VVIPs.
  • PAC is also responsible for the protection and upkeep of any festival or fair.
  • The PAC is also responsible for the safekeeping and security of the government’s treasury.
  • The PAC’s responsibility is imposed in the event of a terrorist attack or riots, for example.

How many hours does the PAC’s duty last?

Friends, the PAC duty is for a maximum of 8 hours (8 hours), but not more than 8 hours.

PAC functions are as follows

Wherever a PAC’s duty is imposed, the work they conduct in the places where their duty is imposed is the same as that of any other type of officer, such as a CID or CRPF. Friends, PAC serves a variety of purposes; the following are some of their responsibilities:

  • It is their responsibility to protect VIPs and VVIPs.
  • A PAC’s responsibility also includes safeguarding the government’s treasury.
  • Their job also includes looking after and protecting any festival or fair.
  • In the event of a terrorist attack or riots, the PAC is activated.
  • It is one of their responsibilities, as well as one of their tasks, to preserve peace and order across the state.

How many vacation days are there in PAC?

Friends, a person working in PAC is entitled to 60-70 days of vacation per year from the government; that is, if you work in PAC, you are entitled to 60-70 days of vacation per year. These vacations can be taken at any time of the year.

PAC remuneration

A PAC officer receives the same income as a civil police officer, but he additionally receives some rupees separately, resulting in a somewhat larger salary. When it comes to the remuneration of a PAC officer, it ranges from $27,000 to $30,000 per month (27k – 30k).

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