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PCO Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the PCO. It is a public-sector location or office that provides telephone service in India and Pakistan. Prior to the telecommunications revolution, it was a popular and efficient mode of accessible communication. R. Ale. Dubey, a Department of Telecommunications official, was the first to develop the concept of a Public Call Office (PCO) in India.

PCOs are divided into two categories: fixed and wireless. CDMA and GSM are the two technologies used by wireless PCOs. BSNL, a public sector corporation, has India’s largest PCO setup. Everyone has a cell phone nowadays, even if it is a smartphone, which was not the case just a few years ago. PCO provided an accessible telecommunications platform where it was required at the time.

PCO Full Form 

PCO’s full form is Public Call Office. It is defined as a location in a public space that provides telephone service. It was a very vital and efficient method for affordable communication before the telecommunication revolution. Everyone now has a cell phone, even if it is a smartphone, which was not the case previously. At that time, PCO provides a cost-effective communication platform where it is required.

PCO: Public Call Office

PCO Full Form 
PCO Full Form

What exactly is PCO?

A public-sector PCO is a location that supplies us with telephone service. In today’s world, practically everyone owns a smartphone, which they use to call and communicate with their friends, family, and relatives. However, a few years ago, when everyone did not own a smartphone and needed to call and speak with someone, everyone went to PCO.

What is PCO’s purpose?

When it comes to the utilization of PCO, it gives you a way to contact with your relatives. PCO can also be used to communicate outside of the country. In India, there are several PCO booths that allow you to call you immediately by putting a one-rupee coin. The major PCO service provider is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). However, several private telecom providers, like as Reliance, Tata, Idea, Vodafone, and Airtel, are already joining the market.

PCO use

It gives a platform for you to communicate with your relatives who are located outside of the country. There are several PCO booths in India today that let you to make a call simply inputting a one rupee coin. One of the largest PCO service providers is BSNL. Although many such corporations exist presently, such as Reliance, Tata, Idea, Vodafone, and Airtel, many private telecom companies are now entering the market.

What are the different types of PCOs?

  • PCOs are divided into two categories
  • PCO landline
  • PCO that works without a wire
  • CDMA and GSM are the two technologies used by wireless PCOs.

Other full forms of PCO 

  • There are many other full forms of PCO, some of which are as follows-
  • Personal Care Options
  • Please Carry On
  • Private Cable Operator
  • Privy Council Office
  • Professional Conference Organizer
  • Project Control Officer
  • Public Call Outlet
  • Public Carriage Office
  • Protocol Configuration Options
  • Proposed Change Order
  • Project & Contracting Office
  • Primary Care Office etc.

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