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PWD Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the PWD. It is a government of India department responsible for the construction and upkeep of public infrastructure such as highways, government buildings, bridges, and water systems, among other things. The Public Works Department is India’s central institution in charge of all public-sector projects. There is a separate PWD for each state.

Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh each have their own PWD. Its activities and responsibilities are nearly same in all states, including design and construction of all government-funded public projects, construction, development, and safety on roads and highways, and facilities, maintenance and reorganization of government buildings, and so on.

PWD Full Form 

PWD’s full form is Public Works Department. PWD is a government agency, or more precisely, the PWD department is a whole government department whose job is to operate by supplying resources such as roads, buildings, and bridges in cities. PWD occurs at the state level, but we are also aware of it at the local level. The PWD department is also involved in major projects such as the construction of flyovers, roads, and public utilities.

PWD: Public Works Department

PWD Full Form 
PWD Full Form

PWD’s role also entails delivering water from one location to another around the city, as well as having the supply pipe cut somewhere along the roads. The Public Works Department’s job is to keep the city clean so that nice roadways can be found. If there is any damage to the road, highway, or other government buildings such as a school or hospital, PWD is responsible for repairing it. PWD does all of the government’s work.

PWD’s Main Functions

Many PWD projects, such as roads, drinking water, and building, are funded by the government, but they are all managed by PWD. Below are detailed descriptions of some of the significant works, including –

  • a water supply system
  • a government structure
  • building of roads
  • constructing bridges
  • a water supply system

The PWD is in charge of the drinking water system. PWD keeps the drinking water system clean in the city, village, and metropolis because if a pipe line bursts somewhere, it must be repaired, and if a new pipe line must be installed, PWD is responsible for it as well.

A government structure

PWD is in charge of government construction. Construction of government buildings in PWD cities, villages, and metropolises; if a government building breaks down in any location, it must be repaired; and if a new government building must be created, it must be done by PWD.

Building of roads

PWD is in charge of road construction. PWD keeps the road construction clean in the city, village, and metropolis since every road that has to be built or repaired, or a new road that needs to be established, falls within PWD’s jurisdiction.

Constructing bridges

PWD is responsible for the construction of bridges. If a bridge is required and the government has announced its building, only this department is responsible for its completion.

What are the requirements for becoming a PWD Officer?

  • PWD officers must be between the ages of 21 and 35.
  • Candidates from the reserved categories are given special consideration under government regulations.
  • When it comes to educational qualifications, PWD is responsible for the majority of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering work. As a result, applicants who have studied in these fields have a good chance of becoming officers in this field.
  • Candidates studying electronics and software can also apply when a suitable position becomes available.
  • You must be a Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering graduate from a reputable university.
  • Candidates with a three-year diploma and two years of work experience in these fields are also eligible to apply.

Selection Process for PWD Officers 

Now we’ll tell you how the selection process works in PWD:-

  • The Staff Selection Commission recruits for the Central Public Works Department, which is part of the Central Government (SSC).
  • The State Public Service Commission, often known as the Staff Selection Commission, is in charge of SPWD recruitment.
  • To fill Junior Engineer positions in the CPWD, the SSC holds a JE recruitment exam.
  • This is a non-gazetted Group B position.
  • In this case, you must first give Paper I. It is of the objective kind, with a time limit of two hours.
  • It includes questions from the General Knowledge, Reasoning, and Engineering areas (three sections of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical).
  • You must answer questions from the same section in which you completed your engineering.
  • For incorrect answers, minus marks are applied.
  • Paper II must be taken after Paper I has been completed. It is a form of document that is subjective.
  • It also includes engineering-related questions and takes two hours to complete. You must attempt questions related to the subject.
  • It is a 300-point paper with no negative markings.
  • Candidates who pass Paper II are invited to participate in Document Verification.
  • The list of chosen applicants is now being compiled.
  • Junior Engineers are promoted to Assistant Engineer and Executive Engineer positions according to departmental guidelines.
  • Similarly, the SPWD selection process is carried out. There may be some differences across states.

A PWD Officer’s Salary 

Friends, a PWD officer earns between Rs 35,400 to Rs 1,12,400 every month. All of the benefits and allowances accessible to government personnel are available with this. This includes services such as lodging, medical, TA, DA, PF, and pension. This is why lakhs of individuals hope to get this job so that they might have a great future.

How do you get a job with PWD?

Friends, I hope you have thoroughly read all of the above-mentioned information and that all of your queries have been answered. once you’ve grasped it

A job in the PWD 

  • PWD stands for Public Works Department, and it is responsible for the construction, repair, and upkeep of government buildings, roads, and bridges.
  • PWD recruits people between the ages of 21 and 35. Relaxation is provided in accordance with the rules.
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering.
  • SSC, or the State Public Service Commission, administers the exam.
  • Questions of general awareness, reasoning, and engineering are asked in this section.
  • The position of JE is awarded to selected candidates.
  • They are promoted to Assistant Engineer and Executive Engineer after a few years of service.

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