SC, ST, and OBC Full Form – What Is SC, ST, and OBC, Definition, Meaning, Uses

SC, ST, and OBC Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the SC, ST, and OBC. On the basis of their social and economic status, different castes are classified as SC, ST, or OBC. What castes and tribes have been classified as Scheduled Tribes (ST) because they are the most socially backward and face discrimination? The Scheduled Castes (SC) are primarily those castes or sects that have emerged to some extent from the Scheduled Tribes (ST) but are socially and economically marginalized. ‘Dalit’ refers to people who fall into the SC/ST category. A later amendment to the Indian Constitution included the Other Backward Classes (OBC). This caste has been expanded to include economically backward but socially normal living castes.

SC, ST, and OBC Full Form

After learning your name, your caste (caste) is also asked from you when you fill out a form for government employment or any other form. This is done for the same reason that a reservation is made for all castes for government job openings or any new government scheme; it is given to us based on our caste.

SC, ST, and OBC Full Form
SC, ST, and OBC Full Form

Only those from the SC and ST categories are eligible for this reservation. So, let us learn more about the classes of all of these castes, as well as the entire names of all of them.

SC Full Form

SC’s full form is Scheduled Castes, and it includes those who work in the leather and cleaning industries. People from this caste are referred to as Dalits. The majority of persons in this caste come from low-income families, and they did not drink the water from the food made by the previous caste.

What percentage of reservations does SC receive?

Every ten years, the level of quota for all castes can be adjusted, therefore at the moment, the scheduled castes have a 15% reservation in all educational institutions and government positions. So you’ve probably figured out what proportion of reservations are available in SC or SC.

In SC, which caste is present?

There are a total of 17 castes listed in the Scheduled Castes, while some more castes have applied to the government to be included in the Scheduled Castes but have yet to be accepted.

ST Full Form

ST Full Form is Scheduled Tribes Those castes that are regarded as untouchables have been preserved in the ST category; these people did not live in a society like the rest of us, preferring to live alone in the woods. People from a single caste are known as Adivasis, and you’ve probably figured out what Scheduled Tribe means.

How many reservations does ST receive?

For persons who fall within the Scheduled Tribes category, a 7.5 percent reserve has been set aside if you apply for a government job.

Which caste is represented in ST?

Perhaps you are aware that different classes of castes are assigned to each state, therefore what I have said regarding the Scheduled Tribes castes pertains to Uttar Pradesh.

OBS Full Form

OBC’s full Form is Other Backward Class. OBC people were farmers who were left behind in terms of education and economic status; this caste is considered higher than the Scheduled Caste. This is our country’s most well-known caste, with a population of over 42 percent, but they receive virtually little reservation as a result.

How many reservations does OBC receive?

As previously stated, around 42 percent of India’s population belongs to the Other Backward Classes, and as a result, they do not receive nearly as much reservation. When applying for a government job, there are different reservations for each caste, with just 27% reserved for OBC or other backward class individuals.

Which castes are included in the OBC category?

As you may be aware, OBC is a caste-based classification that includes people from a variety of castes. So, to find out how many castes are in OBC, we’ve included the names of all the castes that fall under OBC (Other Backward Classes) below.

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