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SSF Full Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of the SSF. The Special Security Force (SSF) is Bangladesh’s law enforcement unit whose primary mission is to provide physical security to the country’s President and Prime Minister. You could say that the SSF’s job is to protect Bangladesh’s VIPs, like government officials and international dignitaries.

SSF Full Form

You should know by now that SSF’s full form is “Special Security Force” after reading the previous information. Bangladesh’s Special Security Force (SSF) is a sort of law enforcement agency. Government officials and international dignitaries are given particular security by this service.

SSF: Special Security Force

SSF Full Form
SSF Full Form

SSF jobs do not offer advancement. You must work in the rank of Havildar in the SSF for the rest of your life. The Special Security Force (SSF) is tasked with ensuring the safety of foreign visitors and government officials. A Special Security Force (SSF) officer’s shift lasts 6 to 7 hours. There are three shifts in this work.

What is the Special Security Force’s (SSF) mission?

A Special Security Force (SSF) officer’s primary responsibility is to provide physical security to Bangladesh’s President and Prime Minister. It also provides security to persons who are or have been nominated as very significant people in Bangladesh’s government.

A Special Security Force (SSF) officer may utilize the appropriate means to prevent future threats and safeguard their VPIs from active threats in coordination with the civil administration, security, and intelligence institutions. The VIP person’s offices and apartments are also guarded by an SSF officer.

What is the Special Security Force’s (SSF) background?

For the first time, President Hussain Mohammed Ershad established a security unit in Bangladesh particularly to offer physical security to VIPs. The Presidential Security Force, he claims, was established on June 15, 1986. On September 27, 1991, this unit was redesignated a Special Security Force, coinciding with the advent of Bangladesh’s parliamentary style of government. In today’s world, under a parliamentary system, the SSF is now also in charge of the Prime Minister’s security, and an SSF can arrest anyone without a warrant.

Where is the headquarters and organization of the Special Security Force (SSF)?

The Special Security Force (SSF) is headquartered in Tej village, Dhaka, Bangladesh, near the Prime Minister’s Office. A separate training center is situated near the headquarters, and an SSF officer lives in his own home and is co-located. A Director-General issued the order that an SSF officer is divided into five administrative bureaus. These are the five administrative bureaus:

  • tactical assistance group
  • Bureau of Operations and Protection
  • Bureau of Intelligence
  • bureau of logistics
  • bureau of instruction

What is the Special Security Force (SSF) salary?

A Special Security Force (SSF) officer makes less money than a BSF officer. A Special Security Force (SSF) officer’s beginning salary ranges from 32000 to 35000 rupees.

What is SSF’s other complete form?

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