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TET Full Form Friends, in this Artical, we’ll look at the full form of TET. TET, or Teacher Eligibility Test, is one such test that you can take to advance your career as a government teacher after passing. Nowadays, everyone wants to work for the government, but it is not easy to get a government job because nowadays, in order to get any prestigious job, one must first pass an exam, and now the competition is so fierce that if you want to work for the government, you must pass the exam with a high score.

TET Full Form

TET is a recruitment exam held by the Indian government to fill vacancies in government primary schools and upper primary schools across the country. With the aid of which the government appoints teachers in government schools across India. What does TET stand for? TET stands for “Teacher Eligibility Test” in its full form.

TET: Teacher Eligibility Test

TET Full Form
TET Full Form

Anyone who enjoys teaching, or who enjoys teaching because it is his passion. If that person wishes to work for the government or become a government institute or teacher, they must take the CTET / MAHATET exam.

If you wish to work as a teacher in a government school in India, you must take the Teacher Eligibility Test. The CTET exam is divided into two parts, each with two papers. The first paper is used to appoint teachers who will teach children in grades one through five.

The second paper is used to appoint teachers to teach pupils in grades 6 through 10. The law, which is found in India’s Constitution, was enacted to fulfill the contract of providing free education to children up to the eighth grade under the education law. The TET exam is held in accordance with the Children’s Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009.

What is TET?

TET is a form of test that is held for the purpose of improving education and filling vacancies among government teachers. It’s a form of admissions test. Every year, teachers are recruited for government schools. If a person want to work as a teacher in a public school, he must first pass the teacher eligibility test. If you pass this exam, you will be able to fill out a teacher’s application in a government school.

TET Exams are divided into two categories

1) CTET: This is a national exam; if you pass it, you will be able to work in a government school in any state in India.

2) STET: – This is a state-level exam, and if you pass it, you will be able to work at a government school in the same state as you passed it.

What are the requirements for TET?

If you want to work in a government school from kindergarten to fifth grade, you must have a B.Ed., D.El.Ed., or any diploma degree after high school. If you want to work in a government school from kindergarten to eighth grade, you must have at least a B.Ed after graduation B.Ed after graduation.

TET Exam Selection Process – TET Full Form

  • In the TET Exam selection procedure, there are three papers:
  • PAPER-1: If you wish to teach in a government school from first to fifth grade, you must pass only paper-1.
  • PAPER-2: If you want to teach in a government school from kindergarten to eighth grade, you must pass paper 2, however if you want to teach from kindergarten to eighth grade, you must pass these exams. You must pass both of the exams.

Teachers at the primary level (Classes 1–5)

  • Must have received a 45 percent grade in class 12th.
  • A diploma from a reputable board is required.
  • A two-year diploma in elementary education is required.
  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in elementary education, or a B.Ed. in progress, or a two-year diploma in elementary education.

Upper Primary School (Classes 6–8)

  • Class 12th must have a passing grade of 50%, and the two-year D.ED course must have a passing grade of 50%.
  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college with a minimum of 50% completion and a two-year diploma in D.ED.
  • 12th grade pass with at least 50% marks and a four-year B.Ed course finished or in the final year of B.Ed.

TET Exam Qualifying Marks

To pass the TET Exam, you must score at least 60%; however, the minimum qualifying marks for reserved categories such as ST/SC, OBC, and dependents is just 55%.

We’d also like to point you that TET Exam qualifying marks can differ from state to state.

Syllabus for TET

We should be aware of the types of questions that will be asked from which subject in the examination, and we should also be aware of the TET Exam syllabus:

Cognition and Child Development

You will be asked questions about the development and child psychology of children aged 6 to 11 years old in this topic.

1st Language (Hindi)

In Hindi, you will be asked questions about the Hindi language that are required for children in grades 1 through 5.

2nd Language (English)

Questions in English, Sanskrit, and Urdu (as chosen by the candidate) will be asked in Language 2.

How to Study for the TET Exam – TET Full Form

  • You must concentrate on exam preparation in order to pass any exam. We will provide you with further advice on how to study in order to pass the exam. So, here are some helpful hints for passing the TET Exam:
  • It is critical to grasp the exam’s syllabus and exam format in order to prepare for the exam. So, first and foremost, thoroughly understand the exam’s syllabus and exam structure, and then study for it.
  • You can also use old question papers to determine which topics are more relevant for the exam.
  • Use NCERT books to help you prepare better for your exams. NCERT books are essential for success in the TET exam.
  • You should solve a mock test every day for TET Exam Ki Taiyari. Solve and analyze them so you can identify your flaws and work to overcome them.
  • Also, pay greater attention to the subjects in which you struggle, and schedule time for all of them.

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