TMC Full Form – What Is TMC, Definition, Meaning, Uses

TMC Full Form – What Is TMC, Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. If you are interested in national politics or have to have listened to the name of AITC or TMC on social media, both these words are relevant to political celebration. AITC or TMC event has just 22 seats in Lok Sabha as well as 12 seats in Rajya Sabha. Therefore, the matter of this political event likewise comes in prominent celebrations.

TMC Full Form

TMC full form is Trinamool Congress. TMC is just one of the significant political celebrations of India, generally energetic in West Bengal. The approved political election sign of the All India Trinamool Congress is ‘2 blossoms’.

TMC: TrinaMool Congress

TMC Full Form
TMC Full Form

What does TMC imply?

Today, the nationwide head of state of this celebration is Mamta Banerjee. This is because, in the 2011 West Bengal State Assembly political elections, Trinamool Congress won 184 seats out of 294 and obtained an outright bulk. As a result, Mamata Banerjee also ended up being the Chief Minister.

Trinamool Congress won 34 out of 42 seats with its far better efficiency in the 2014 Lok Sabha political elections and in the 2014 Lok Sabha political elections, which became the 4th biggest event in the nation. TMC kept its triumph in 2016, setting up political polls. Let us inform you that the Election Commission acknowledged Trinamool Congress as a national political event on 2 September 2016.

Background of TMC

After Mamta Banerjee operated in national politics with the Indian National Congress event for 26 years, she placed her sights before the celebration. However, due to the event overlooking his words, he left the Congress celebration in 1998 and later decided to create his possibility.

After a time, the initiatives he made caused the establishment of a brand-new event celebration called Trinamool Congress. This event was developed as an extremely solid and establishing event that spread its selecting ideological background quickly in an extremely brief period.

TMC’s political motto

TMC political celebration offered its political motto, where the event obtained a unique identification, and its advancement began to expand extra swiftly. The slogan of this political celebration is “Maa, Mati as well as Manav”.

TMC Full Form Party Emblem

The celebration has made its very own logo. In whose flag, three shades show saffron on the top, white in the environment-friendly, and center near the bottom. The two-flowered logo design is shown in the facility of the celebration’s flag, which is a sign of the event’s honor.

TMC’s Political Ideology

The political motto of the Trinamool Congress in West Bengali is ‘Maa, Mati our Manav’, which has made individuals of Bengal familiar with their mom and their dirt of India. Moreover, the broach-attaching guy with a male by the event offered a lot of understanding amongst individuals, which enhanced the regard and status of the event.

The goal of this event is energetic in the national politics of the nation on the standard concept of the belief of autonomous socialism, secularism, and liberalization for individuals in the culture. This event is the 4th biggest of the Indian political events.

Kerala political elections

TMC made its very first step in the direction of Kerala, beginning with Manipur Legislative Assembly and also in the 2014 Lok Sabha political elections. TMC fielded its prospects on five seats in addition to the Trinamool Congress celebration in Kerala Legislative Assembly in 2016 with no partnership. Opposed the political polls.

Manipur Election

The most vital point is that in the 60-seat Manipur Legislative Assembly, the Trinamool Congress ended up being the only resistance celebration with 10 percent ballots. However, in 2017, TMC won just one seat in Bishnupur, while Congress had the highest possible number of 28. As a result, TMC obtained 5.6 percent of the ballot in the Manipur 2017 political election.

Exactly how to come to be a participant in TMC Full Form 

To come to be a participant in Trinamool Congress, i.e. TMC, you can speak to the neighborhood workplace of your location. Aside from this, you can subscribe online with the main site of TMC, AITC Portal


Q1. What is a TMC water unit?

One thousand million cubic feet of water equals one tmc ft. This volume of water is 28316.85 million liters. Therefore, the amount of water the city would have access to per day would be 77.58 million liters if there were one tmc ft of water in the dam, and it was evenly pumped to the city every day for a year.

Q2. How is TMC determined?

1 TMC is equivalent to 103 x 106 x 28.3164, or 28.3164 x 109 liters of water. A cubic foot of water is equivalent to about 28 liters.

Q3. What are Cusec and TMC?

Cusec is an acronym for cubic feet per second, equal to a flow of 28.317 liters per second. A flow of 11,000 cusecs over a day equals 1 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) of water.

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