VIVA Full Form – What Is VIVA, Definition, Meaning, Uses

VIVA Full-Form Friends, in this article, we’ll look at the full form of VIVA. A VIVA exam is a type of test. By the way, all universities and colleges have a variety of tests, such as written exams, practical exams, and sports exams, among others. As a result, ViVA is a similar exam and test. In this scenario, the teacher asks you a question on your subject, and you must respond orally. This exam is a little more difficult than the others. Because you’ll have some work time to think about it.

VIVA Full Form

Voices Information Volunteers And Art the full form of VIVA. Written tests, practical exams, sports exams, and other forms of exams are held in schools, colleges, and universities. VIVA is another sort of exam in which the teacher asks you an oral question about your subject and you must respond.

VIVA: Voices Information Volunteers And Art

VIVA Full Form
VIVA Full Form

This is a pretty general exam that every college and university administers. It is required, and every student attempts to pass the VIVA exam. It is more difficult than the written exam since the examiner asks questions continuously during the viva, and you have very little time to consider the response.

What is VIVA?

VIVA is a type of test in which the teacher asks you questions on your subject in an oral format, and you must respond to those questions in the same format. In colleges, schools, and universities, this exam is given. VIVA is a little more difficult than other tests because you have less time to think. VIVA is a required course for all students.

What is the location of VIVA?

Friends, there is no viva in any large center or hall. Rather, the viva is held in a small classroom setting. There are just two people in the room. One pupil and one teacher. In which the teacher asks the students a series of questions, which they must respond to.

Why is VIVA being used?

Friends viva, which is similar to an oral exam. It is given to us to assess our academic understanding. Friends, because there is no need for a pen or paper in this, any child’s abilities and knowledge can be used.

Friends, vivas are held in every school and college to ensure that all students write their papers properly. And you won’t be able to read from a book or see anything by writing during this test. Friends, when the youngsters take this test, they are unaware of the completion date of their syllabus.

VIVA is difficult or simple – VIVA Full Form

Viva is more challenging than other tests, my friends. Friends, you can ponder about the answer to any issue for as long as you like in Aariksha, and you can even solve it by writing. But, buddies, you will have a great time.

You must complete this exam while sitting directly in front of the teacher. And it has to be given as soon as possible. Friends, you must prepare for your viva on your own, and you must do it well. As a result, pals, the viva is regarded as challenging in this manner.

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