WWW Full Form – What Is WWW, Definition, Meaning, Uses

W.W.W. Full Form – What Is W.W.W., Definition, Meaning, and Uses will be discussed here. To access any website via the W.W.W., a web browser such as Uc Browser, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or others must be installed on your mobile device or computer, as these browsers can easily access any website. To put it another way, if we open www.google.com, we will be directed to Google’s official website. Similarly, typing pictures.google.com brings up the Google images website in front of us.

W.W.W. Full Form

World Wide Web is the full form of WWW., also known as W.W.W., W3, or Web. An interconnected network of public web pages can be accessed through the Internet. The Web is not the same as or comparable to the Internet. One of the many applications built on top of the Internet is the Web. Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, created the World Wide Web in 1991.

W.W.W.: World Wide Web

WWW Full Form
WWW Full Form

W.W.W. An information system that uses the Internet to access data. Client-server architecture is used as a service to retrieve information from users. From a different perspective, the World Wide Web (W.W.W.) is a brilliant and original way to define the Internet, a network of connected computers that share information and allow global communication. Give.

W.W.W. stands for World Wide Web, which refers to the portion of the Internet comprising websites and web pages. Websites are made up of pages connected by HTML hypertext connections. A web browser is a software that allows you to see the World Wide Web.

What is the W.W.W.?

You’ve probably heard the word www before and seen it appear in front of a website’s name. It is, in fact, a subdomain in a computer’s language. Www is a computer component that organizes information such as music, video, audio, website data, hyperlinks, files, and photographs.

HTTP rules in computer language can read, examine, and listen to its data. Html is a computer language that may be used to create various files, videos, hyperlinks, hypertext, and other sorts of content. This information may be gleaned from a URL using Google or another online platform.

For example, if we go to www.google.com, we can access all Google-related information. The World Wide Web refers to a subdomain containing data of all forms of information and appears to us as a page when we do an Internet search.

When searching the Internet in a hurry, you can find information from all over the world on any topic. Remember that www can only be accessed using a web browser such as Google, Yahoo, Firefox, or U.C. Browser.

The World Wide Web is a vast Internet section that allows users to access a wide range of papers, massive files, amusement videos, and educational and knowledge-related information via an Internet browser.

Nowadays, every organization and individual uses the Internet to share information about their business with the rest of the globe and to launch their business online. Outpost Because the World Wide Web is such an essential component of the Internet. Online commerce has rapidly grown in recent years; presently, everyone utilizes these websites for shopping, health, home, insurance, and other services. Gets information when it’s convenient for you.

The W.W.W. History

Tim Berners-Lee, who worked at CERN in Switzerland then, invented the World Wide Web in 1989. According to the team, each computer was connected to the Internet, but all its information was in different formats. Therefore Www was established and publicly released in 1992. pushed to the foreground. With the introduction of the www subdomain, information sharing became easier.

In this article, we have supplied you with information about www, or the World Wide Web. We hope you enjoyed reading our post.

Who came up with the acronym W.W.W.?

Tim Berners-Lee, an English scientist, created the World Wide Web in 1989. In 1990, he created the first web browser, a watershed moment for the world. Nothing can be imagined nowadays without the Internet. London was the birthplace of this brilliant computer scientist.

When did India begin to use the Internet?

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited launched public Internet connectivity in India on August 15, 1995. India now has the most Internet dominance.

When and where was the first time the Internet was utilized worldwide?

The Internet was first utilized worldwide at 10:30 a.m. on October 29, 1969. The ARPANET communication was sent across the Internet from the UCLA site to the Stanford Research Institute.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

Friends, whenever we open a website on the Internet, we first type in HTTP or HTTPS in the URL; do you know what that means and how it works?

What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol, and as you may have guessed from the name, text transfer protocol means that HTTP’s job is to transport any file from one location to another. As explained, it refers to any text or file we send from one location to another or access from one machine to another.

So the file here is being transported from one location to another, and an internet rule has been created to facilitate this. For example, if you are reading our article by opening our website, how did our website, which you are visiting, come to you?

For this, an internet rule has been created that falls under the category of HTTP and allows you to open or visit any website on the Internet. the complete form on the Internet

What is HTTPS – W.W.W. Full Form

Assume you have completed an online form from the Internet, in which you have inputted some of your personal information and then submitted the form.

And that data of yours gets sent to that server since it is the website’s server, so your data is being sent from one location to another, and some technically skilled hacker is sitting in the middle of it all.

What if he steals this information from you? To avoid this, HTTPS is utilized in the internet world. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This means that whatever data you transfer is entirely secure, i.e. safe and that no third party may access your data during the time it takes for your data to reach the server. I’m not allowed to steal.

  • Because the website where you’re submitting the information is secured with HTTPS.
  • If you understand it using an example, you can use it to open a webpage at any time.
  • As a result, a lock icon is created behind the secure website’s URL, written in green as HTTPS.
  • As a result, whichever website you are working on or filling out any of your information on, all your information and details are entirely secure.

The W.W.W. Features – W.W.W. Full Form

  • We all take advantage of the W.W.W. (World Wide Web) to our advantage. The World Wide Web has a large number of features as well. But I’m going to inform you about some unique qualities.
  • The World Wide Web, or W.W.W., is the only reason we can utilize the Internet. There was no W.W.W., no internet.
  • We can access the World Wide Web from anywhere in the world.
  • We can link and connect with anyone in another corner of the world while sitting in one corner of the world. This is the wonder of the World Wide Web.
  • Because of the World Wide Web, or W.W.W., we can obtain information worldwide in minutes.
  • Everything has been made possible by the World Wide Web, including online studies, online shopping, online job, online payment, and a slew of other online activities.

How Does the W.W.W. Work?

  • If the URL contains a domain name, the browser (where we look for information) connects to a domain name server and retrieves the web server’s related I.P. address.
  • The web browser establishes a connection with the web server and makes an HTTP request to the specified web page (through the protocol stack).
  • The web server receives requests and looks up the requested page. The web server sends the requested page if it exists. If the server cannot locate the requested page, an HTTP 404 error message will be sent.
  • You can view the page on your web browser after matching it.


Q1. What is World Wide Web explain?

The World Wide Web, often known as W.W.W., W3, or the Web, is a network of open websites accessible over the Internet. The Web is one of many applications developed on top of the Internet, not the same as the Internet itself.

Q2. What, using examples, is the World Wide Web?

The Internet, a network of connected computers that shares information and enables global communication, is known as the World Wide Web. The Internet is a prime example of the World Wide Web.

Q3. What is the Internet, and what are its features?

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Web browsers, and other technologies form the World Wide Web (HTTP) foundation. To access web pages, utilize a web browser. Programs that show text, data, graphics, animation, and video on the Internet are web browsers.

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